Tears to Tiara and FMA:Brotherhood

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been intently watching Tears to Tiara and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood on ANIMAX. Animax says it’s a simulcast, so it’s airing at the same time as Japan, which means that you can’t just watch everything at one go, and can only wait as it is being aired on tv. Every Friday, at 830pm, Animax airs FMA: Brotherhood’s new episode, while airing last week’s episode at 8pm (in case you miss it). On the other hand, Animax airs the Tears to Tiara show at 1235am on Monday (not Sunday as Animax keeps saying. I don’t even understand why they say Sunday morning when it’s actuallly Monday morning) with 12am featuring the episode from the last week.

So far, I find both shows very interesting. If you’ve watched the original FMA, you can tell that the FMA:Brotherhood is not the same story as the original one. Basically, FMA Brotherhood seems to be a sort of alternate universe where the story is familiar to the original one, with differences in some parts (such as Hughes daughter being born) and whatnot. I’ve noticed that FMA Brotherhood is more animated, with more comedic characters who just liven up the story. It find it very interesting though, and I love the change in the story, even if parts of it are far from the original.

Tears to Tiara is also a very interesting anime. I love the characters, they are hilarious, and also the scenery is wonderful. From the moment I saw the trailer, I fell in love with the anime. The scenery is very natural, and the characters seem so real and in-line with the story. Of course, this is also lies in the fact that I think the anime is very cosplay-able, and why shouldn’t it be? The characters have amazing personalities, the costumes are just as great, detailed and maybe hard to do but they look great, and the anime is so far, just as great as everything else.

Which reminds me, I need to catch up on my Bleach and other Taiwanese Dramas (like Devil Beside You).


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