Ateneo Celadon: Chinese Spring Film Festival 2012

Every year since 2007, the Ateneo Celadon along with the Confucius Institute have encouraged Filipinos and Chinese-Filipinos alike to appreciate the wonderful Spring Film Festival brought about by the Chinese New Year celebration. Having been there when the first Spring Film festival was celebrated, I was a sophomore active in the Ateneo Celadon back then, this 6th year celebration which welcomes my animal – the Dragon, now presents 6 movies in celebration of the Chinese New Year. And it’s now all free admission!

As stated on the Ateneo Celadon website, where I will be taking information to repost on this blog,

Unlike previous years when a minimal admission fee was charged, this year’s festival will experiment with free admission.  Schools are welcome to bring their students for block screenings on a first-come, first-serve basis.

These are the movies that will be presented for this year’s Spring Film Festival..

Ocean Heaven 

Ocean Heaven is a family drama which features a father- Sam Wang (played by Jet Li), who is solely taking care of his autistic child- Dafu. Wang finds out that he has liver cancer and has a few days to live. Not only does Wang have to cope with his own suffering and impending death, he also has to deal with the heartache of leaving Dafu with no immediate family. This heartwarming film shows the challenges of being a single parent and how parents, even on their last days, would do anything just to ensure the safety and happiness of their children.

Fans of Jet Li will definitely be surprised to see him in this movie because this is the first to cast Li in a non-kung-fu film where he won the 2010 Wen Zhang Best Actor Award. The movie was also recognized by the Shanghai Media Awards, CCTV Movie Channel Media Awards 2010 and Golden Goblet Award. In July 2011, Li even named one of his charity projects as Ocean Heaven Project to help children with autism, cerebral palsy and other disorders.

Lost on Journey

Lost on Journey is a comedy film narrating Li Chenggong’s travel as he endures bad luck after bad luck just to celebrate New Year’s Eve with his family.  Li hops from a plane, to a train,to a bus, and to a boat in the desire to be with his family during the most important event of the year. And along the way, he meets a stranger Niu Geng who later helps him discover something important about himself and the goodness of other people. This movie is a funny presentation of how bad luck brought two different worlds together.

Country Wedding

Country Wedding tells a story of a couple who is about to get married with their families getting so excited to the point that their parents started to meddle with the wedding plans. The bride’s mother, insists on holding the wedding at a ritzy hotel in Beijing whereas, the groom’s father, being the director of a cooperative in a rural village, feels indebted to the community, wants to share the wedding to the whole village. The couple are getting in between as conflicts arise between the in-laws. This film is a funny portrayal of the clash of cultures between the city and country side.


Confucius, known as the “Great Sage”, lived during the time when China’s dynasties were in chaos and engulfed by corruption and greed. He strongly believed that ethics and education will put all things to order. His wisdom was sought by different dynasty leaders but only to be abandoned after he dutifully served his purpose. The world knows so much of his teachings, but little is known of his hardships. This biographical drama shows the sufferings and pain Confucius endured and the principles he fervently kept that became the foundation of China’s ethics, morality and law. Starring Chow Yun-Fat as Confucius, Nominated for Best Actor at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards. Other nominations include Best Cinematography,Art Design,Costume Design and Original Song.

Bodyguards and Assasins

In 1905, Hong Kong was under the British rule and revolution was on the rise. Sun Yat-Sen was set to land in Hong Kong to meet and to unify faction leaders to finally take down the corrupt and crumbling Qing Dynasty. Because of this, Dowager Cixi wanted Sun Yat-Sen assassinated. For the Chinese people who had been clamouring for freedom, they understood that keeping Sun Yat-Sen alive would mean keeping China’s hope to be liberated. Li Yutang, a businessman, gathered a tofu vendor, rickshaw pullers, a beggar and an orphan to serve as bodyguards. These bodyguards displayed their superb fighting skills as they battle it out with the assassins to protect Sun Yat-Sen,whom they haven’t even met.  This action-historical movie garnered numerous awards from the 4th Asian Film Awards,29th Hong Kong Film Awards,16th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards and 47th Golden Horse Awards.

The King of Milu Deer

This 3D animated movie focuses on environment protection. It is a story of a white deer, Yoyo, who turned into a lady and made friends with Tzan-the prince of Kingdom of Clouds and Dreams. Tzan was ordered by the minister to search the Labyrinth Mountain to hunt for the Milu Deer to use it as a sacrifice to bring rains in the kingdom. But Tzan discovered the beauty of the Labyrinth Mountain and got closer to Yoyo. Together, they fought sea lizard monsters, fire,soldiers, and the evil Minister to save the wildlife and natural resources of the Labyrinth Mountain. This movie became the highest grossing Chinese Animated film of all time and received the Best Animated Film of the 13th Huabiao Awards.

Movie Schedule:

January 20, 2012 (Friday)
Country Wedding – 1:00PM
Lost on Journey – 3:00PM

January 21, 2012 (Saturday)
Lost on Journey – 1:30PM
Confucius – 3:30PM
Bodyguards & Assassins – 6:00PM
Ocean Heaven – 9:00PM

January 22, 2012 (Sunday)
Ocean Heaven – 1:30PM
The King of Milu Deer – 3:30PM
Confucius – 5:30PM
Bodyguards & Assassins – 8:00PM

January 23, 2012 (Monday)
Country Wedding – 1:30PM
Bodyguards & Assassins – 3:30PM
Ocean Heaven – 6:30PM
Lost on Journey – 8:30PM

January 24, 2012 (Tuesday)
Bodyguards & Assassins – 1:30PM
Lost on Journey – 4:30PM
Confucius – 6:30PM
The King of Milu Deer – 9:00PM

January 25, 2012 (Wednesday)
The King of Milu Deer – 1:30PM
Confucius – 3:30PM
Country Wedding – 6:00PM
Ocean Heaven – 8:00PM

January 26, 2012 (Thursday)
Lost on Journey – 1:30PM
Country Wedding – 3:30PM
The King of Milu Deer – 5:30PM
Confucius – 7:30PM

January 27, 2012 (Friday)
Ocean Heaven – 1:30PM
Confucius – 3:30PM
Lost on Journey – 5:30PM
Bodyguards & Assassins – 8:00PM

January 28, 2012 (Saturday)
The King of Milu Deer – 1:30PM
Ocean Heaven – 3:30PM
Lost on Journey – 5:30PM
Bodyguards & Assassins – 7:30PM

January 29, 2012 (Sunday)
Lost on Journey – 1:30PM
Country Wedding – 3:30PM
Bodyguards & Assassins – 5:30PM
Ocean Heaven – 8:30PM

OTHER ACTIVITIES (2nd Floor, Grand Atrium)

January 20-29
Chinese Painting Exhibit by the Confucius Institute Chinese Painting Students

January 22
Chinese Painting Workshops by Mr. Caesar Cheng and the Confucius Institute Chinese Painting Students

Contact Details:

For more information please call Ateneo Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies at (63 2) 426-6001 local 5208-5209; 5280. For tickets, please call Shang Cineplex at (63 2) 633-2227.

Helping Dumaguete: Typhoon Sendong chapter

Banica River. Picture above taken by my aunt. December 17, 2011. Around 11am.

Just a few minutes ago, I spotted Dumaguete (where I’m presently living) on the news. Why? We, together with places like Cagayan de Oro and Iligan, were hit by a typhoon last Saturday. Massive rains and floods swept through certain areas of the city and the neighboring municipalities. I am quite lucky because the only discomfort I felt was the rains and being without electricity for about half a day. But for a lot of other people in Dumaguete, Tanjay, Valencia and other places, they weren’t as lucky. Even until now, they have problems like lack of drinking water, destroyed homes, and the like.

But as I’m not in those areas and only in Dumaguete, this is some of the information that I’ve been able to put together.

Things needed:

  • Bottled Water
  • Clothes (Underwear, T-shirts, Shorts, Pants, Bras)
  • Canned Goods
  • Noodles
  • Blankets
  • Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.)

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) – Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete

Address: Department of Social Welfare and Development Office, Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines 6200

Tel: (035) 225-0637

For donations of goods, groceries and money, you can send your donations to: Mrs. Bernadita Bangay. Kindly address it to the DSWD office along Rizal Boulevard.

For donations of money, you can send your donations through Western Union, with Mrs. Marina C. Mendoza (CT Social Welfare and Development officer) as the claimant. Directions for above transaction is as follows: After sending the money, kindly call the DSWD office (number listed above) to confirm the receipt of the money by informing them of your control number.

To directly contact Task Force Dumaguete: Local (Within Negros Oriental) – dial 348. For those outside, I’m not yet sure but you may try adding the local area code to the number – 035348.

If you’re looking for relatives or friends within the Dumaguete area, you may call the DSWD to inquire. Please be advised that including the barangay where said person/people live/s will bear more fruitful results as the DSWD has direct contact to the barangay heads.

As of my phone call to the DSWD office awhile ago, the office told me that within Dumaguete, 19 barangays have been affected. The office didn’t give me a list of evacuation centers, but told me that if you’re looking for someone, the likeliest places they will be in are the closest barangay halls, nearest schools and nearest churches.

For more information that is not listed here, you may directly call the DSWD Office at (035) 225-0637.

Information available above was taken from my phone call with the DSWD Dumaguete Office on December 19, 2011.

Mary Immaculate Parish Dumaguete
San Jose Street, Dumaguete City (across from Lee Plaza Supermarket entrance)

In solidarity with our brothers and sisters affected by the recent typhoon Sendong and in this season of joy and giving, we appeal to your generous and kind hearts. We are asking if you could give clothing, bottled water, and food items like canned goods, rice, noodles, and others. Please drop by your items at the Parish office. Thank you so much. May the good Lord, the reason why we celebrate Christmas, bless your generosity a hundredfold..    -As taken from their facebook page

Found another site where more information is posted, though not sure how reliable these are:

Evacuation centers in Dumaguete City where you can drop off care packages/relief goods: West City Elem. School, Cadawinonan Elem. School, Camanjac Elem. and National High School, and Junob Elem. School. You can also drop off donations at the ONe RESCUE-EMS base, Dumaguete Disaster Risk Reduction and Management base, DSWD-Dumaguete Office, Dumaguete City Health Office, Ground Floor of the Pastoral Center, Dumaguete Cathedral Compound.

Google Crisis Response shares the location of the evacuation centers, donation centers and updates from NDMRC. Please click here to view the information. If you are looking for missing people or know a missing person, please click the link at the said page “Person Finder.”

Evacuation Centers in Dumaguete City courtesy of Google Philippines and Google Crisis Management. Click here.

I’ll try to update this once I have more information.

For more information on how to donate to other places that were affected by the typhoon and floods, whether you’re in the Philippines or abroad, kindly click on Jane to be redirected to another entry with more information, or Bayanihan Online’s entry.

Contest:Confucius Institute Mascot Drawing

Mascot Drawing Contest

After the inauguration of its new offices in Makati last September, the Confucius Institute at the Ateneo de Manila University takes another step in crafting a stronger trademark with a Mascot Drawing Contest open to the general public.

Let your creativity fly in creating your own image of the famous philosopher, Confucius, as a mascot for the Institute. Whether you envision Confucius partying, studying, teaching, singing, as a kid, as a Filipino-Chinese, everything is allowed.

Just submit your entries to any of our offices in 300 dpi PSD, PNG, or JPG format on or before 15 September 2011 and get a chance to win the ff. cash prizes:

1st Prize: Php 8,000 
2nd Prize: Php 4,000 
3rd Prize: Php 2,000 

Plus a choice of either a language or culture class at the institute for one cycle!

Winners will be contacted individually and the winning entries will be posted on our official website and other online accounts (i.e. facebook, twitter, etc.) Newspaper announcements will be published as well.

For more information, contact the office Secretariat:

2/F, Ricardo and Dr. Rosita Leong Hall, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City
Tel (632) 426-6001 locals 5208, 52 09 Fax (632) 929-5397 or 926-5118

6/F, Ateneo Professional Schools 130 H.V. dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel (632) 812-5617 or 894-3782

E-mail address :
Website :


Details for this year’s HSK (汉语水平考试) if any readers in the Philippines are interested in taking the exam.

Procedures and Requirements         Downloadable Registration Form

For any and all inquiries, kindly forward your concerns through the following contact information listed above.

As for this blogger, she’s still deciding whether or not she will be taking the exam this year, most especially after doing her one year stint in China.

Ateneo Celadon: Chinese Spring Film Festival 2011

The Ateneo de Manila University Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies and Confucius Institute in partnership with Celadon and Shangri-La Plaza has once again organized the Spring Film Festival of Chinese films at the Shang Cineplex from January 26- February 1, 2011 the Shang Cineplex  (Premiere Theater)

The screening schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, 26 January 2011
MULAN (1:47) 7:30-9:20PM

Thursday, 27 January 2011
THE GRAND RIVER (1:37) 4:50-6:30PM
MULAN (1:47) 7.00-8.50PM
THE QUEEN OF COOKING (1:30) 9.20-10.50PM

Friday, 28 January 2011
MULAN 4.10-6.00PM

Saturday, 29 January 2011
MULAN 9.00-10.50PM

Sunday, 30 January 2011
MULAN  9.00-10.50PM

Monday, 31 January 2011
MULAN 6.50-8.40PM

Tuesday, 1 February 2011
MULAN 9.00-10.50PM

Sponsors of this festival include the Confucius Institute, Credit Suisse Bank, Flexo Manufacturing Corporation, Hyundai Asia Resources Incorporated, Jollibee Foods Corporation, Richwell Trading Corporation, Pfizer, Fortmed Medical Clinics Incorporated, Redpeak Capital Holdings Incorporated and Remal Enterprises Incorporated.

For more information, please call Ateneo Leong Center 426-6001 local 5208-5209; 5280. For tickets, please call Shang Cineplex at 633-2227.


Re-posting from the Ateneo website.

Event: Arrow Philippines 10th Anniversary Raffle



> Get one (1) raffle coupon with every Php3000 single-receipt purchase, cash or credit. Valid for boutique purchases only.

> Customer must legibly write his/her full name, complete address, landline and mobile numbers, email address and affix signature on the raffle coupon stub and drop it in designates boxes at all ARROW boutiques nationwide.

> Promo runs from August 1 to October 31, 2010. Deadline for submission of entries is on October 31, 2010.

> Raffle will be held on November 14, 2010 in the presence of a DTI representative.

Event: Jumpstart 2009-2010, Cycle2


A 3-day study abroad fair, Jumpstart! aims to provide high school and college students alike with alternative and further education opportunities/ programs abroad (i.e. scholarships, admission examinations and procedures, visa processing).

Cultural and Education attachés will be present to assist you and to answer your questions about studying in the countries which they represent

When and Where?

Visit us on February 2-4, 2010

at the Social Sciences Bldg. Foyer,

Ateneo de Manila University

Some participating institutions would only be present on some days so be sure to visit on all three days of the event!

**No entrance fee**

See you!

Ateneo Celadon: Chinese Spring Film Festival 2010

Films (Chinese-language with English subtitles):

1. In Love We Trust 左右 (115 mins)
Directed by Wang Xiaoshuai. Winner of the Silver Bear at the 2008 Berlin Film Festival.

Meizhu and Xiaolu were once happily married and a lovely daughter, Hehe, is born to them. After their divorce, both remarry, but when Hehe contracts leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant from a sibling, they face the dilemma of their lives. Their loyalty, relationships, love and commitment are all put to the test.

2. Cape No. 7 海角七号 (133 mins)
Directed by Wei Te-Sheng. Multi-awarded at the 2008 Golden Horse Awards, Grand Prize in the 2008 Asian Marine Film Festival.

Aga, a frustrated-rock-star-turned-substitute-postman, tries to form a band for a concert organized by the Japanese talent agent, Tomoko. They soon find themselves linked to an earlier time, when a Japanese schoolteacher fell in love with a Taiwanese girl he had to leave behind. This romantic comedy-musical, the all-time movie blockbuster of Taiwan, is a fresh approach to Taiwan’s history as a Japanese colony.

3. The World 世界 (105 mins)
Directed by Jia Zhangke. Best Foreign Film at the Toronto Film Critics Association (2005).

‘The World’ refers to a theme park that invites visitors to see the world without leaving Beijing. With its replicas of world icons such as the Eiffel Tower and the leaning tower of Pisa, the park and its shows are a glittering attraction, but behind it are lonely workers struggling to communicate and find love. The story follows the pretty dancer Tao and the security guard Taisheng in a film that tries to reflect on the fate of individuals in the face of globalization.

4. Seventeen Years 過年回家 (85mins)
Directed by Zhang Yuan. Won Best Director at the Shanghai Film Critics Award (2000) and the Singapore International Film Festival (2000).

In her teenage years, Tao Lan accidentally kills her stepsister and is convicted of murder. After seventeen years, she is granted a new year’s furlough, but her parents do not fetch her from prison. Tao Lan befriends a prison guard who helps her mount a reunion with her family, but after the tragedy and the heartache, is a reunion possible?

Show Times

February 3, 2010 (Wednesday)
In Love We Trust – 11:35am-1:30pm
Cape No. 7 – 2:00-4:15pm
The World – 4:45-7:00pm
Seventeen Years – 8:30-9:55pm (invitational screening)

February 4, 2010 (Thursday)
Seventeen Years – 2:00-3:25pm
The World – 3:55-6:10pm
Cape No. 7 – 6:40-8:55pm
In Love We Trust – 9:25-11:20pm

February 5, 2010 (Friday)
The World – 2:00-4:15pm
In Love We Trust – 4:45-6:40pm
Cape No. 7 – 7:10-9:25pm
Seventeen Years – 9:55-11:20pm

February 6, 2010 (Saturday)
Seventeen Years – 2:00-3:25pm
The World – 3:55-6:10pm
In Love We Trust – 6:40-8:35pm
Cape No. 7 – 9:05-11:20pm

February 7, 2010 (Sunday)
Seventeen Years – 2:00-3:25pm
Cape No. 7 – 3:55-6:10pm
The World – 6:40-8:55pm
In Love We Trust – 9:25-11:20pm

February 8, 2010 (Monday)
The World – 2:00-4:15pm
Seventeen Years – 4:45-6:10pm
In Love We Trust – 6:40-8:35pm
Cape No. 7 – 9:05-11:20pm

February 9, 2010 (Tuesday)
Cape No. 7 – 2:00-4:15pm
In Love We Trust – 4:45-6:40pm
Seventeen Years – 7:10-8:35pm
The World – 9:05-11:20pm

Related Event: Chinese Painting Exhibit

When and where: February 3-11, Grand Atrium, 2F Shangri-La Mall
What: An exhibit by the Chan Lim Family & Ateneo Confucius Institute Chinese Painting Students

What is the Spring Film Festival?

The project aims to promote Chinese culture in Metro Manila by showcasing the talents of the Chinese in the media and in the arts through Chinese movies. The project seeks to continue the film festival that was started by the Chinese department 2 years ago (January 2007). This year, the organization will continue to play a bigger role in terms of promotions, logistical needs and procurement of sponsors.

The Spring Film Festival is a project of the Ateneo Celadon Culturals Department together with the Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies of the Ateneo de Manila University. This project is a week-long film showing Chinese movies that will embark upon the different genres of the film industry. The films will be shown at a selected theater and tickets will be sold to everyone interested. This project aims to promote the artistic but more importantly the cultural heritage of Mandarin-based movies.

Walls of Hope

Who are we?
Walls of Hope was initiated by a group of friends who have been brought together by their common attachment to the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. We were once patients, students and visitors of PCMC who have been inspired by the wall murals found around the hospital (esp. Gloria Villaraza Guzman’sMunting Patak-ulan).

What is Walls of Hope?

Most of the wall paintings in the hospital have already deteriorated or have been lost due to time. Walls of Hope is our way of giving back to the hospital that once catered to the health needs of our generation back when we were young. This is our attempt to help bring back the hope that the hospital walls has been known to give to its patients and to help sustain it to be experienced by future generations. The presence of these colorful murals is a powerful way of relieving stress and easing the hearts and minds of its visitors.

It is a 3-day event scheduled to happen on December 19-21, 2009. Volunteers are not required to be present during the whole duration of the event – even just an hour of your time already means a lot to us! The goal is to finish painting the whole first floor of the hospital in 3 days!


How can YOU help?
  1. Donate money: WOH needs to raise enough funds to cover paint costs and food expenses for volunteers. Whatever extra money that the project raises will be donated to the PCMC Cancer ward.  Monetary donations will be coursed through the PCMC bank account for Walls of Hope. You can e-mail us at pcmc.wallsofhope@ for more details on how you can contribute to making WOH happen.
  2. Donate lead-free paint: WOH also accepts lead-free paint donations. Any color will be highly valued but white would be most preferred (for base coats). Send us a message so that we can arrange a pick up point that’s convenient to you.
  3. Volunteer: Artists and non-artists are welcome!
    • Kindly complete the WOH registration form (http://www. filehosting. org/file/ details/74532/ WOH_Volunteer_ Registration. doc ) and email it to pcmc.wallsofhope@ by December 5, 2009.
    • After you send us your registration information, we will be sending you your copy of the WOH volunteer guide.
    • Walk-ins are allowed but only pre-registered volunteers will be given the Walls of Hope Baller ID.
    • We will provide all the volunteers with free parking at PCMC during the duration of the event.
  4. Help spread the word!:
    • Invite people to the WOH Facebook event page: http://www.facebook .com/event. php?eid=17548049 2721&ref=mf
    • Forward this email to your family and friends!
    • Blog about Walls of Hope!
    • Follow the WOH tumblr account!
    What are your perks?
    All volunteers and donors are invited to the Walls of Hope Art Exhibit and Ribbon-cutting event to be held on December 22, 2009 at PCMC and Pre-registered volunteers will be receiving the WOH Baller ID.
    But most importantly, by donating and volunteering for Walls of Hope, you get to bring back the hope that the hospital walls has been known to give to its patients and help sustain it to be experienced by generations to come!
    For more information:

    Thank you and we hope that you will join us in giving color to the lives of children this Christmas!
    – WOH Team
    Re-posting a friend’s email.
    It’s for a good cause!


My tumblr needs some love. Kindly visit~ 🙂 Thank you!

Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life…You give them a piece of you. They didn’t ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn’t your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like ‘maybe we should be just friends’ turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It’s a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain.”

Neil Gaiman