Not a graduation blog entry

I know I should be posting my graduation blog entry, but I still haven’t thought about what to write. It has to be something inspiring, or at least inspired. Something that I can look back on in a couple of years and feel nostalgic about.

In other news, today’s the last day of March and April will bring about new beginnings. I’m sure. Quick story on how I spent March 29….I was at the Celadon Ball, our annual celebration for my org plus an inauguration of the new officers for the coming year. A friend asked me to model since he was looking for models who were seniors or part of the new executive board, and well fit the clothes we were modeling. Luckily I fit into the size 27 Levi’s jeans which I was afraid I wouldn’t fit into though I have a 26.5 waistline since I have big hips. Haha. Shhh. 😛 It was lots of fun though I wish I was just a bit taller. Oh, and my friend accidentally spilled her iced tea on my red dress. Luckily I had a spare top and skirt which I changed into. After the party, I had to rush to another place because my friend was leaving for the US (well, as of this entry, he’s probably there already – I MISS YOU LESTER T_T) and didn’t know when he would come back. Despedida dinner, or well, dessert.

Yesterday, I joined my younger brother and mom and went to my university. My brother was confirming his slot for my university. Yay Blue Eagles. I didn’t force him to go into my university and let him choose on his own (though his other choice was my school’s rival university). I’m happy that he decided to go to my university all on his own. Of course, had he not chosen my university and chosen the other one, I would have been disappointed but not angry. But well, since that didn’t happen, I can at least smile. He’s the third among us siblings to go to the Ateneo. My youngest brother will be off to university in 2 years so we’ll cross the river when we get there. As for now, I’m just a very proud older sister. I wish my brother the best of luck in college. 🙂

Here’s to both our graduations, and us taking a new road in our lives. To the new journey ahead. And yes, I don’t want to be a bum.

Random Graduation picture of me. Teaser for the Graduation blog post that will be..

P.S. That’s not my real diploma. We were given these pieces of rolled up blank pieces of paper when we got up to the stage. We were suppose to throw it after we sang the school song, and well I threw mine but my mom wanted to take a picture of me holding one so I had to scout around for a good one that hadn’t been trampled on yet. 😀


Thoughts right before graduation

A lot of things happened this week. In the past couple of days since my last blog post, I’ve attended the Blue Roast 2010 (the graduating party/celebration for the seniors), did really quick shoe shopping so I could rush to my brother’s high school graduation, attended the baccalaureate mass for our batch, and tomorrow, I’ll be attending my own graduation.

When I think about graduating, I can’t help but think about my own high school graduation 4 years ago. Saying goodbye to the friends and schoolmates who were my world during those 13 years in ICA, that was one of the things that scared me the most then. And of course, facing the new world that was college, I never expected that it would pass me by so quickly. It flew by so fast, though admittedly there were days that I felt like those troublesome days would NEVER end. But they’ve ended, and I can only look back on those times. In these past few days, it seems my college life has flashed before me. My first day at Ateneo’s Orientation Seminar, my classes, the various events and situations that I’ve encountered…it is almost at its end.

Part of me is thinking that I could have done better these past few months. Better decisions I could have made, things I could have done or not done, people I should have or shouldn’t have met, a lot of things are coming at me now. I’ve also been thinking about the schools/courses/classes that I could have taken rather than this or that. Haha, I guess it just strikes people when it’s almost all over.

In my 4 years at the Ateneo, I can say it hasn’t always been easy. There were times that I felt I could have been better in a less challenging environment. But after it all, I am just so happy that I made it through those 4 years. I’ve met so many memorable people, taken up so many interesting and challenging classes, undergone so many tumultuous and frustrating experiences, but after all of this…I can heave a sigh of relief. It hasn’t always been easy though it could have been easier somewhere else, but I’ve survived.

That’s it. Life seems challenging so many times, but God doesn’t give us challenges that he knows we can’t handle. Even when we feel that we cannot get through those circumstances, we find ourselves getting through it in the end. One phase of my life ends, and another begins. The doubt and regret, there is nothing more I can change…

If my plans for China do come true, I hope I can face it better than i did in college.

Okay, haha, enough blogging….time to finish all preparations for tomorrow. The rehearsal starts at 830 and we hopefully finish by 12noon. No more going home to prepare for most of us since we’re expecting traffic and the call time for the graduation ceremony is at 3pm. Yup, doing my make-up on my own. Went to the salon awhile ago to have my nails done, and to have my hair flattened so my roots (which are going curly again) don’t look weird during the graduation tomorrow.

Also, congratulations to my batchmates who graduated awhile ago. Those from the School of Management and the School of Science and Engineering who graduated awhile ago, congratulations. Tomorrow, us – the School of Social Sciences and the School of Humanities, graduates. The Ateneo Sesqui batch, Batch 2010…it’s come to this.

This is where we go down from the hill, fellow Ateneans.

Anyways, am off. Goodnight world.. Graduation awaits. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

Life of the almost jobless

I thought that being finished with classes meant I could blog more, but I guess not. In some way, it probably shows that I blog usually for the sake of stress release. Interesting, very interesting.

Either way, I’ve not been as “free” as most people since classes ended for seniors. Last week, my grandaunt passed away at the age of 99, so it was a week full of wakes for me. It was probably a good thing that I didn’t go out-of-town or out-of-the-country with friends because I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my responsibility with my family members. Last week, though it was a sad event, was also bonding time with me and my cousins, so it turned out okay.

I also had to take care of my second interview for a job that I was applying for (teaching position) so it was somewhat hectic. Earlier this week, I had just finished doing the teaching demo, which was nerve-wrecking. I hope I did well teaching the faculty-pretending-to-be-students students because I was really out of sorts at times when I was directing the lesson. It was also fun in some way though, so I didn’t mind. My “students” were very interesting and gave good points towards the lesson. It was a great experience.

My dreams/prospects of going to China have been a little “down” lately. There are plans and ideas going about, but they aren’t as I guess you could say ‘aggressive’ as I previously described them to be. Part of me says, if it happens, it happens. No need to rush things, though I’m a little iffy about not working for long periods of time. I bum a little at home nowadays, or well, when I don’t have anything to do at least. Planning things to do is something I’m gunning for because I don’t want to turn into someone who gets chubbier after college. OH NO. BIG N-O. Hahaha. I’ve got to do something to keep myself from just staying home, eating, then sleeping.

Next week will be a pretty busy week since there’ll be preparations for graduation then. Distribution of togas for the mass and ceremony itself, the invitations to parents, the yearbook distribution (which I’m happy is over since it was a grueling 2 semesters of work for around 2000 students), and the seniors party. To top it all off, the week next week ends with my graduation on Saturday. My brother is graduating on Thursday (from HS) so we have a double celebration ahead.

How time flies by~

More or less heaving a sigh of relief

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief more or less. With February done and March looming ahead, I don’t know if it would be alright to say that everything’s fine. The usual worries for a graduating student plague me. Things like have I completed all my requirements for graduation, will I be able to find a job and start earning money, why haven’t the companies I applied to gotten back to me, yadda yadda. I guess, things like this are normal for any student who worries about the future.

Graduation for my college is on the 27th, luckily it’s the day after my younger brother’s high school graduation. Good thing we aren’t graduating on the same day (again), which is what happened before and is happening to a few friends of mine who have siblings who are graduating from elementary/high school as well. So far, I’ve almost completed the clearance requirements for graduation (if I want to join the ceremonies), though there’s one more I need which I can’t have signed since I’m part of the yearbook committee and unless we have the yearbooks released, we can’t complete the necessary requirements. Oh well, talked to the necessary people and they said that I’ll be walking despite that so it should be fine as long as everything goes well.

So far, for the past 3 days that I’ve been “free”, I’ve gone around school finishing requirements, I had lunch with my orgmates, also had lunch with blockmates from my European Studies course (which was the course I was in before I shifted to my present course) and our sort of homeroom professor from our freshman year, and I’ve done some cleaning. Last night, I set aside time to rummage through my readings (photocopies of reading materials for class) for the past year, which amounted to around 17lbs. Actually, that pile was only of readings which I can re-use as scratch paper (for my dad) and which only has text on one side of the sheet. There was a smaller pile on the side for those that had two-sided text, which my mom recommended I use for our dog instead.

Presently, am trying to do some writing/blogging work to catch up on the months that I’ve been “off”. Also been trying to offer some help to my younger siblings too who might need me to help them with some school work. Plans for China seem a little vague at the moment. So much for the hype I setting myself up for a few months back.

Oh well, when things are meant to be, they’ll eventually come. Now, I’ll just breathe a sigh of relief and do what I can do now.

Hm, just realized, might have to say good-bye to my “University Life” category soon. Or well, at least, it’ll be less updated. Unless I decide to study again somewhere. 🙂

Two in 1-4

I’m spending a few minutes away from my paper writing (no, not just thesis) to write a quick blog entry to fill the 11 days I haven’t written an entry, and the 15+ days I haven’t written a real blog entry.

Today is the celebration of 2 events. The annual Feb 14 Valentines Day, and the coincidental Chinese (Lunar) New Year. Being single, I’m not really celebrating Valentines Day. Usually, this “holiday” would be spent with my close girlfriends celebrating “Single Awareness Day” at some place, and last year it was spent at my good friend’s house making chocolates. We melted bars of chocolate and put them into really cute molds and gave them to friends for V-day. This year though, there are many things that need to be done so celebrating is not really an option.

For me and most of my Chinese/Chinese-Filipino friends though, I think this year is a lot different. Instead of celebrating Valentines on the 14th, most of us ended up spending it earlier like the 12th and 13th since the 14th will be spent with family members celebrating Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year. I remember CCTV mentioning something like it’s the 4770’s celebration of Lunar New Year. Awhile ago, CCTV9 was featuring a Lunar New Year celebration show and all oddly, I was laughing along with the hosts as they were speaking in Mandarin (which I understood….sort of). Living in a somewhat Chinese community, some fireworks were set-off around our neighborhood, though luckily there wasn’t much of it since it’s not a real holiday here in the Philippines anyway.

They should have really make Chinese New Year a holiday here. I can’t understand why Ramadan is a holiday here but Lunar New Year isn’t. Though a lot of people are saying that there aren’t a lot of Chinese here, I think statistics wise, that’s sort of wrong. Maybe there aren’t a lot of pure Chinese here, or people who look Chinese, but many people in the country have Chinese blood in them. What was it my prof mentioned before, something like there’s no such thing as a Pure Filipino since being Filipino itself is about being diverse.

Anyway, there are a heckload of Chinese here in the Philippines. Saw this entry on a site about lawmakers here considering Lunar New Year as a holiday. If Ramadan is a holiday, Lunar New Year should sure as heck get its own holiday too. Suddenly got me thinking though, there are probably too many holidays in the Philippines. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to give Lunar New Year the same rights as Ramadan. Chinese have as much right to their own New Year. Other countries in the Asia Pacific make a big deal out of Lunar New Year, so why shouldn’t the Philippines do the same right?

A thought for me to consider personally… I could be spending Chinese New Year abroad next year. That’s if I’ll be in China (or HK/Taiwan) within the next few months for work.

Damn, am thinking too far ahead. Thesis needs a heck load of work more. 9 days left. What the heck.

Event: Jumpstart 2009-2010, Cycle2


A 3-day study abroad fair, Jumpstart! aims to provide high school and college students alike with alternative and further education opportunities/ programs abroad (i.e. scholarships, admission examinations and procedures, visa processing).

Cultural and Education attachés will be present to assist you and to answer your questions about studying in the countries which they represent

When and Where?

Visit us on February 2-4, 2010

at the Social Sciences Bldg. Foyer,

Ateneo de Manila University

Some participating institutions would only be present on some days so be sure to visit on all three days of the event!

**No entrance fee**

See you!

Aegis2010 Graduation Picture Release

Excited for grad pic release?

Well, don’t forget the following:

1. Don’t forget to bring the following:
a) payment balance
b) claim slip AND/OR school ID (for those who have misplaced their claim slips, you may present your ID as an alternative)

2. Take note of your releasing number before entering the venue (numbers will be posted outside)

3. Proxies are to present the following:
a) an authorized letter signed by the student being proxied for
b) photocopy of their (the proxy’s) school ID
c) photocopy of the school ID of the student being proxied for


Ateneo Celadon: Chinese Spring Film Festival 2010

Films (Chinese-language with English subtitles):

1. In Love We Trust 左右 (115 mins)
Directed by Wang Xiaoshuai. Winner of the Silver Bear at the 2008 Berlin Film Festival.

Meizhu and Xiaolu were once happily married and a lovely daughter, Hehe, is born to them. After their divorce, both remarry, but when Hehe contracts leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant from a sibling, they face the dilemma of their lives. Their loyalty, relationships, love and commitment are all put to the test.

2. Cape No. 7 海角七号 (133 mins)
Directed by Wei Te-Sheng. Multi-awarded at the 2008 Golden Horse Awards, Grand Prize in the 2008 Asian Marine Film Festival.

Aga, a frustrated-rock-star-turned-substitute-postman, tries to form a band for a concert organized by the Japanese talent agent, Tomoko. They soon find themselves linked to an earlier time, when a Japanese schoolteacher fell in love with a Taiwanese girl he had to leave behind. This romantic comedy-musical, the all-time movie blockbuster of Taiwan, is a fresh approach to Taiwan’s history as a Japanese colony.

3. The World 世界 (105 mins)
Directed by Jia Zhangke. Best Foreign Film at the Toronto Film Critics Association (2005).

‘The World’ refers to a theme park that invites visitors to see the world without leaving Beijing. With its replicas of world icons such as the Eiffel Tower and the leaning tower of Pisa, the park and its shows are a glittering attraction, but behind it are lonely workers struggling to communicate and find love. The story follows the pretty dancer Tao and the security guard Taisheng in a film that tries to reflect on the fate of individuals in the face of globalization.

4. Seventeen Years 過年回家 (85mins)
Directed by Zhang Yuan. Won Best Director at the Shanghai Film Critics Award (2000) and the Singapore International Film Festival (2000).

In her teenage years, Tao Lan accidentally kills her stepsister and is convicted of murder. After seventeen years, she is granted a new year’s furlough, but her parents do not fetch her from prison. Tao Lan befriends a prison guard who helps her mount a reunion with her family, but after the tragedy and the heartache, is a reunion possible?

Show Times

February 3, 2010 (Wednesday)
In Love We Trust – 11:35am-1:30pm
Cape No. 7 – 2:00-4:15pm
The World – 4:45-7:00pm
Seventeen Years – 8:30-9:55pm (invitational screening)

February 4, 2010 (Thursday)
Seventeen Years – 2:00-3:25pm
The World – 3:55-6:10pm
Cape No. 7 – 6:40-8:55pm
In Love We Trust – 9:25-11:20pm

February 5, 2010 (Friday)
The World – 2:00-4:15pm
In Love We Trust – 4:45-6:40pm
Cape No. 7 – 7:10-9:25pm
Seventeen Years – 9:55-11:20pm

February 6, 2010 (Saturday)
Seventeen Years – 2:00-3:25pm
The World – 3:55-6:10pm
In Love We Trust – 6:40-8:35pm
Cape No. 7 – 9:05-11:20pm

February 7, 2010 (Sunday)
Seventeen Years – 2:00-3:25pm
Cape No. 7 – 3:55-6:10pm
The World – 6:40-8:55pm
In Love We Trust – 9:25-11:20pm

February 8, 2010 (Monday)
The World – 2:00-4:15pm
Seventeen Years – 4:45-6:10pm
In Love We Trust – 6:40-8:35pm
Cape No. 7 – 9:05-11:20pm

February 9, 2010 (Tuesday)
Cape No. 7 – 2:00-4:15pm
In Love We Trust – 4:45-6:40pm
Seventeen Years – 7:10-8:35pm
The World – 9:05-11:20pm

Related Event: Chinese Painting Exhibit

When and where: February 3-11, Grand Atrium, 2F Shangri-La Mall
What: An exhibit by the Chan Lim Family & Ateneo Confucius Institute Chinese Painting Students

What is the Spring Film Festival?

The project aims to promote Chinese culture in Metro Manila by showcasing the talents of the Chinese in the media and in the arts through Chinese movies. The project seeks to continue the film festival that was started by the Chinese department 2 years ago (January 2007). This year, the organization will continue to play a bigger role in terms of promotions, logistical needs and procurement of sponsors.

The Spring Film Festival is a project of the Ateneo Celadon Culturals Department together with the Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies of the Ateneo de Manila University. This project is a week-long film showing Chinese movies that will embark upon the different genres of the film industry. The films will be shown at a selected theater and tickets will be sold to everyone interested. This project aims to promote the artistic but more importantly the cultural heritage of Mandarin-based movies.

Immersion: Personal Insights and Inquiries

2 weeks ago, I finished attending a 3 day immersion session with a community in our area. For those who aren’t aware, 4th year students at the Ateneo are (highly) encouraged to attend immersion sessions with a community partnered with Ateneo.

I, together with 11 other students, had our 3 day live-out immersion session with juvenile delinquents in an undisclosed location. Haha. Basically, we were to spend around 7-8 hours with them for those three days (Friday-Sunday), living out – which meant going home and coming back the next day for the next session.

At first, I was very iffy about attending immersion. I didn’t see the entire point of attending something that didn’t seem to mean much to me, and only deterred me from spending 3 days concentrating on my thesis. But as the days wore on during my immersion, I came to realize how blessed I was in life. Awhile ago, during our post-immersion recollection, it struck me how blessed I was to have grown up in such a safe and warm environment. With a loving family, enough money to support my daily needs and education, plus extra, I’m considerably lucky. During my immersion, I got to meet children who were only a few years younger than me, but who have endured much more in life than I ever have. They didn’t have the same resources that I have had to live a good lifestyle. Sometimes, more often than not, they were forced into situations that were beyond their control. It made me feel sad that such young children, don’t really enjoy the thrills of youth and are forced into learning the harsh realities of life at such a young age.

I got to talk to 8 juvenile delinquents – 7 boys and 1 girl, in my 3 day immersion session. The kids were very nice and friendly and cooperated with us when it came to the activities that we had prepared. Miraculously, despite my poor sleeping habits and frustration towards waking up early, I was able to make it during those 3 days. We laid out activities for us and the children that were meant to be fun and social-oriented. At the end of those 3 days, I got to learn a lot about those children and the environment that they had been thrust into.

I won’t go into detail about any specifics. Honestly though, I am quite lucky to be where I am, especially in a 3rd world country. At times, I think to myself and wonder why we’re forced into such activities. They’re called volunteer work but are mandatory most of the time. Either way, at the end of it all, I am glad that I chose to attend the immersion session. Though different from the other immersion sessions of other students (most of whom live-in with their community, most of which are in the farming communities, or mountainous communities such as with the aetas and such), I got to learn a lot about the community I was involved in. Maybe not as much as other students who were probably more immersed with their communities as compared to my 3 day immersion (but more like a 3 day outreach program) experience, but still…

Ateneo teaches students to be men and women for others. Maybe it’s this. It’s not always clear at first, but if there is some way that in the future, my actions can lead to less children having to be accused of crimes they didn’t commit, or are forced into bad situations because of a lack of means, then I hope I will be able to help then.

This entry is so jumbled up. A lot of my post-immersion thoughts are mixed up with my post-recollection experiences. Seriously though, there’s a lot that I should be thankful for despite how many times I complain about my thesis or family issues, or other shallow things.