Shizen Orchestra

Last Saturday was the Shizen Orchestra, which was an event hosted by the Toujin Club, Ateneo’s anime organization. At the event, we also had the DokiDoki Kissaten, our very own maid and butler cafe. It was our first event and all of us were worried about the event since the weather has been a bit down because of the rain, and we were afraid something might go wrong. Me and my friends ended up working for more than 8 hours, from the pre-start of the event, till the very end. I of course had my own mistakes, which started with me bringing the wrong pair of footwear. I had heels with me, and was suppose to change into my ballet flats, but, I had mistakenly taken the wrong plastic and took the one with slippers instead. Of course I couldn’t wear slippers in my maid outfit, so I had to make do with wearing the heels (for about 6 hours – can you imagine?!).

With Hard Gay as one of our hosts, and Alodia and Ash (woot Ateneo woot) as 2 of our 3 judges, we had a very successful event. Even Edj and Ash’s parents, were there and I got to converse with them whenever I was free.

There were many awesome cosplayers at the event. Some of what I saw (from what I could distinguish and remember) were Patapon cosplayers, Air Gear cosplayers, Rozen Maiden, Card Captor Sakura, Nana, Bleach, Mecha, Chi (from Chobits), Captain Planet, Pedobear, and a lot of other cosplayers. Some pictures can be found here. It was seriously an amazing event, with many of the cosplayers carrying around way-amazing props.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event. My friend, RG (Ronald Guanzon) also brought along his PS3 and gave us all a look into FF13! Btw, it’s his birthday today! Yey! Of course, besides the con and the awesome booths and cosplayers and attendees, we also had the Maid and Butler Cafe. Despite being located a few rooms away from the main event, it was more intimate and nicely decorated. Bona was our caterer and they had a lot of delightful food that we served to our guests. The maids and butlers, both from the original one cafe and those who were new to the crew, did a very good job serving the customers! Everything, the ups and downs throughout the event, only brought the crew closer together. It was one heck of a day, and I love my friends from Dokidoki Kissaten!

The event was really wonderful, I hope we get to have an event like that once again! Thank you to everyone who attended the event, to everyone who helped sponsor the event, to people who advertised the event, who cosplayed during the event, who had booths at the event, who went to the cafe, everyone, thank you so much!


4 comments on “Shizen Orchestra

  1. Wow, it’s like you guys organized your very own personal con. Hehehe. You look cute in your outfit. And short too, how tall are you out of curiosity? =P

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