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Last Saturday, spent the entire day at UP for the Iblog5 with my family (mom, sister and brother) and other familiar bloggers who were friends with my mom. I met up with KT who had arrived at the event ahead of us. There were countless talks available at the event, with the basics of blogging to the variety of blogs available (photo blogs, video blogs, mobile blogs) to how to monetize your blogs via NuffNang, and other interesting talks for old and new bloggers alike.

For lunch, me and my family along with my mom’s mommy blogger friends had lunch at the UP Bahay ng Alumni’s Chocolate Kiss restaurant which had some delicious food. (Pictures to be posted on flickr later) The available time to have lunch was less than an hour, so seeing as we wanted to enjoy our meal, our group ended up missing out on the talks regarding the 2010 elections and blogging. We probably missed about 2-3 talks during our long lunch, and when we arrived back at Malcolm Hall (the venue for the event), we had just arrived in time for a few talks about blog advertising in the Philippines.

After various talks, the event ended with the giving away of prizes (iblog5 tees more specifically) and later on, pictures of the iblog5 blogging participants.

Our family decided not to attend the iblog5 afterparty. Overall, the iblog5, my first blogging summit since I was first invited to attend for the iblog3 was indeed a learning experience. There were many things I already knew since I’ve been blogging since 2003/2004, but there were also many things I learned from the speakers. As one of the speakers mentioned, it’s the next level of blogging.

Hope I met more bloggers at the event, though most of the bloggers I was able to talk to at the event were already people I’ve met before.

Other iblog5 posts (as copied from other iblog5 bloggers):

P.S. If you have an iblog post which is not listed above, please leave a comment and I shall add it here~


19 comments on “Post iblog5

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  9. Sa chocokiss din pala kayu nagluch. Nandun din kami, pero sa labas, kasi wala kaming stub hehe. Late kasi. Aw.

    Nice blog anyway! I did not see you during the event, hope to you see you soon. 😀


  10. @Ada: Me and my family arrived a bit late too so we didn’t have a stub. Chocolate Kiss had a lot of good food, so glad we made that decision. 🙂

    Thank you! I didn’t get to meet a lot of bloggers at the event too. We might have missed each other. Thanks again for visiting my blog. 🙂

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  14. Hey. First time visitor here. Just saw your blog on one of the trackbacks. Nice blog we have here. 🙂

    So, you were present at iBlog5. I didn’t get to mingle around during the breaks, and I don’t think I saw you there. Too bad. Next meetup, perhaps? 😀

    • Hey there, thanks for visiting my site. 🙂

      Yup, I was at iblog5. I didn’t mingle around either. Haha. I was with a friend for the most part of the iblog and we were talking to bloggers we were already familiar with. 🙂 Sure, next meet-up maybe.

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