Slightly addicted…to gaming.

I’ve recently been playing Legend of Heroes1 on the PSP. Story is the usual hero has to save the world or else the world will be destroyed plot. It’s by Bandai, and for me, so far, the gameplay is not that bad. Music is good, plot and characters are good, graphics are not that bad, though this version I’m playing has grammatically-incorrect English (though it’s still understandable). I might write a review on it, if I find the time to do so, or the inspiration to actually write a good game review on this game.

The only game review I’ve written so far is my review on Harvest Moon, which is a game I’m very familiar with, so I had no problems writing a review on it.

Dang. When I get addicted to a game, I really get addicted to it. This is bad, somewhat. At least I’m still eating and sleeping (somewhat), and I’m still doing other productive things. I may not be addicted as much as I think I am. Just maybe. Back to playing now.


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