It’s like I’m back from the dead

As the title of my blog entry says, it feels like I’m back from the dead. One, because I have left this blog empty for the past couple of months, which is a bit unlike me since I used to write every day (on LJ). And two, because for the latter half of July and earlier half of August, I felt seemingly dead as I was alone here in Xiamen and had a very screwed up schedule for the majority of those days.

Because I was in the middle of looking for work here in  Xiamen, and was putting off deciding whether or not I needed one more semester of Mandarin since I wanted to stay longer with my family and because I was planning on taking the HSK5 exam, I ended up not leaving for the Philippines, unlike most of my friends who had left within one week of the final exams. Everyone either went home for the vacation or they went home for good. So, I was basically bored and had a screwed up schedule, with my days spent mostly at home watching anime and Star Trek Voyager, while seemingly faking a productive day by cleaning parts of my room or going to the grocery.

Now, I feel like I’ve come back. Since the middle of August, one of my friends has returned to Xiamen. In more recent days, lots of my foreigner friends have come back from their vacations, and so the neighborhood has been a bit more bustling. To add to that, I’ve been doing some part-time work teaching English and communicating with some Chinese high school students, so that has to some extent regulated my sleeping schedule and wake-up time.

Hopefully, over the next few weeks, I can update my blog with entries about current or past events.

Thanks for still being here, whomever you are~ 🙂 Also, I know have an instagram account, you can follow me through the username dolldalera as that’s easier to access and update through the Great Firewall.



Dumaguete: Home away from Home

Hello, from the wonderful city of Dumaguete, my home away from home. I don’t really have much to say as most of what I’m doing on a daily basis is working….so I don’t have a lot of time to take photos and travel around the city. I have a post on something for the (hopefully) near future. But for now, I’m just going to share a few photos from life here….just random stuff that I’d like to share. Hope you like ’em.

My work/leisure table. I have this urge to just fill that cabinet with stuff =))

Photos to remind me of Manila. I miss my family, friends, and my dog. Other things to note in this photo…a pack of Nestea iced tea and a bag of Kornets. Also have my Monopoly Deal deck with me (upper right) and a few boxes of film for my Instax Mini…just in case.

One of the things that remind me of our place, and how old-new it is, is the next picture. I was around 7 when my uncles and aunt showed me to this place where we were building our new house (our old one being this old Spanish styled house with its entrance on the 3rd floor, not good for old people) which is now around 15 years old. Back to the story, one summer a couple years ago…my grandaunt tried to teach me how to crochet. By that time, I was already knowledgeable with cross-stitching, so my grandaunt decided to take it up a notch. She taught me how to crochet, starting with the chain stitch and the other kinds later on. Little did I know that all those days and weeks of practicing on the basics would help me when I went back to school, because apparently for that year…we had to learn how to crochet. Haha.

Anyway, my grandaunt had this phase where she would spend all day doing her crochet work. Even until now, my grandaunt is fond of baking and painting, but those few years ago….she would order dolls from the US that were meant for crochet-ing. They would come with instructions on dresses for the dolls, dresses that would require crochet work and later on, some added lacework and such. On display, my grandaunt has about 8-10 dolls, I even have one at home which I made that summer I learned how to crochet. Mine aren’t as intricately designed as the ones you can see below, but they’re memorable reminders of my childhood that was..

The next photos are from my farm-like house. We’ve got a bunch of animals just walking everywhere at all times of the day. We have the normal cats and dogs, heck we’ve even got chickens and horses (sounds like Harvest Moon!)

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2 kinds of people

Something my good acquaintance Khyoon mentioned on his twitter that got me thinking.


It concerns a lot of things I’ve been considering lately, some of which I’ve discussed with my mom and a few friends. Not to mention how Julie&Julia was airing recently and featured that 20 being the new 30 or was it the opposite, or something to that effect.

Each generation has bigger expectations for the youth because of everything that is made available to us. Because of this, a lot of people are afraid to make mistakes. Sure, the world tells you to go out and make mistakes, and learn from them. But what if you can take things slow, consider all opportunities and pick the best option available? Isn’t going out and failing, also a waste of time? I know that nothing can be useless, and that sticking around and doing nothing is just as bad as failing, but what if you waited just a bit longer for something to come along…and apparently that something was what you were looking for all along?

Patience is a virtue, but experience is the best teacher. Sometimes, these quotes and sayings just sort of negate each other. It makes it a bit hard to determine what is what, and which is which. I know I’m young, but I’m not afraid to admit that I’m afraid to go out and make mistakes. Make one mistake, sure you can maybe use up a few months or a year. But what if you just keep making them, till you aren’t young anymore. What then?

Oh life.

I don’t need a sign. I need the gift of understanding if the things or opportunities or events around me, are signs or not. And what exactly do those things mean?

Come on pre-Beijing weight.

Never knew that losing my Beijing weight and fat would be so hard. I thought it would be as easy as going back to my diet from pre-Beijing, plus Manila weather, and my natural metabolism. But it’s just not working that way. Honestly, I really hate exercises like running and the like, but this body that’s not going back to its natural weight is just annoying the heck out of me. A lot of people have said I’ve gotten thinner than when I first arrived, but it’s not enough. The weighing scale is not showing me good results, and seeing all that fat that I never had before…it makes me want to cry. 😦

I got to try harder. Crunches aren’t enough. Come on Christa, work it.

No, I would not like a cockroach.

While on my trip to Dumaguete last month, I was able to encounter a disturbing but funny experience while shopping for some summer clothes for our sudden trip to Siquijor. Thought to just share it, to add some light posts to my otherwise stress-filled entries.

My family decided spur-of-the-moment to go to Siquijor as a bonding for us cousins and for my aunts and uncles. Since it was a sudden trip, while accompanying my cousin on her errand, I decided to go to this certain store to buy beach shorts and maybe some nice tops. So while in the store, I was looking around for shorts to buy for the trip. The owner of the store asked me if I was shopping for leisure or for work (OMG, I look like I’m in the working class) and so I told her what it was for. She also asked me about the style of tops I prefer, so she took out a couple of blouses. Told her what style I liked and pointed to a blouse and told her that a style similar to that is what I’d like.

As I’m browsing through other parts of the store, she goes to this one row of hangers and pulls out a shirt asking if I’d like “this one”. As I turn to look at the top she has pulled out – a green top by the way, I am met by the disgusting sight of a roach, a huge one, right on the front of the blouse. Worse thing is, the store owner brings the blouse closer to me (though I’m sure that she’s unaware of the huge roach dangling on the blouse). It was probably a good thing I wasn’t standing so close to her, so the moment I noticed the roach, there was a few seconds of silence before I began pointing to the blouse and shouting, “Ipis, ipis!*” (*Roach, roach!) By this time, the roach had started making its way up the blouse, and the store owner who still hadn’t seen it, shakes it so the roach loses its grip and falls to the floor. She then steps on the roach with a resounding crunch and asks her helpers to get a tissue.

I know it’s in the province and all so I guess there’s a lot more roaches and insects as compared to the city, or well, more that are obvious at least, but it was still so disgusting to be handed a blouse with a huge roach on it.

Decisions, decisions.

Despite not having any real work at all, I find no time to allow myself the chance to blog. Funny really, how most of the instances where I blog are instances when I’m busy doing something like writing or studying. Now that I’ve graduated and am unemployed, I don’t find myself blogging. How funny really.

Anyways, since my last entry, the elections have been done here and it’s been pretty peaceful considering all the hulla-buloo about the candidates and the elections and whatnot. For that job thing that I’ve been preparing for, I’ve done the initial exam and tests and interview and will, on Thursday, be taking another exam (hopefully the last). My friend had offered me a (temporary) editing job where he’s working now, but I had to decline since the deadline was for this month and I was planning on going home to the province to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday around the last week.

A lot of my friends have been asking me about my plans for China, and whether or not they’ll be cancelled, most especially my friends whom I have plans of rooming with in China. The thought of taking another course in university right after I’ve graduated is a little annoying, honestly. Homeworks, assignments, everything again?! I really want to study again, but maybe not this soon. If ever it happens, hopefully it’ll happen when I’m better at the language so I can take the course in Mandarin. By then, I’ll be a lot better at Mandarin.

Sigh. Last night, I went out and had dinner with my dad and his friends, and they were speaking in Hokkien. It would have been okay since I understand, but replying was much more difficult, so we switched to Mandarin. Realization, my understanding of Mandarin is a lot better But my replies are still more or less basic. I definitely need more practice.

Dad is really set on me being in China sometime this year, though I find that mom is the opposite, and my doing job interviews seems to encourage my staying here. I don’t know if she’s really set on me staying here and can’t imagine me being anywhere else. Well, we’ll have to see. Sometime late this week/early next week, I’ll be home in the province and I’ll have to face my relatives about my graduating and my plans for China, most especially my grandparents. Hopefully, it’ll all turn out right.

Ugh, there’s just so many things to have to deal with.

Oh, something that’s been irking me recently is the new Animax having Korean dramas. First of all, Animax is an ANIME channel, not a channel with dramas. Before, I could deal with the games and music because the music was usually anime-related, and well, for me, anime goes with gaming. Most anime fans are gamers. But dramas? Not to mention, we’re talking about KOREAN dramas. Had they been Japanese, it would have kept up with the Japanese theme…but no. To top it all off, the dramas are usually in Tagalog and with English subs. It’s annoying enough having to deal with dubs, but dubbing it in Tagalog?  Why not take out the subs if they’re bent on dubbing it? I don’t get it at all. Korean drama, in Tagalog, but with English subs. Are they trying to please everyone? 😦 They should just decide on one thing. Most of my friends have given up on Animax though, especially when they began dubbing the anime in English. Animax has really sunk.

Being random.

I wanna blog something long (here) again, soon. Tiring days are just so blah. Been sick recently so I’ve been out of sorts.

11 more stickers till Starbucks planner. Haven’t had a drink in 2 weeks because of my cold/cough/sore throat. It sucks. At least, am looking forward to my friend’s birthday thing this Friday. Heck yeah, she’s finally turning 21 and I’m one of her 21 shots.

Happy One Year ++

I had almost forgotten, it has been more than ONE YEAR since I’ve had this blog. Made this new account on October 24, but only began writing in it November 1.

Time flies by so hurriedly doesn’t it?

Happy One Year ++ for my blog.

Annual Birthday Wishlist 2009


  • Anything with crosses and skulls, accessories most especially 🙂
  • Books! I’d love romance novels, or Pride and Prejudice sequel books ( I have Mr Darcy Presents his bride, and Mr Darcy takes a wife). I like any fictional books though~
  • Anything Japan/China/Taiwan/Korea related. 🙂
  • Taiwanese Drama (Romance-Comedy) dvd’s (with English subs please)
  • Unique/Creative notebooks/pens/anythings~
  • Boots or Scarves~ (Size 6/36)
  • Kerropi-related anything
  • Anything that you think I’d like 😀
  • MANGA (not mangga/mango, mind you)
  • Anime figures!
  • Super creative usb like the ones over here
  • Food, like peanuts, or chocolates, or whatnot~
  • Money to go shopping >w<

Haha, that’s pretty much it. I’m so predictable, I ask for the same things every year~ XD