She’s the kind of girl who loves Autumn

I’ve loved autumn since I first discovered that the leaves turn yellow and red and the weather becomes cooler, and the fashion requires people to wear coats and boots, a long long time before I actually experienced it for the first time in Beijing. Coming from a country that only has wet and dry weather, it was something out-of-the-ordinary, something amazing. So according to the change in weather, Autumn this year started more or less on September 23, and Xiamen despite being in the South, is still affected by such seasonal changes.

When I first arrived in Xiamen in February, it was transitioning from Winter-Spring, and then I was in Xiamen the entire time it was Summer, and now it’s transitioning into Autumn. The thing I’ve realized about Fall in Xiamen is that despite the relatively hot weather in the afternoons, the past few evenings have been abnormally cool, and when I mean abnormal it means that the difference between afternoon and evening temperatures feels so different that you’d have a hard time imagining how a few hours can change the temperature so drastically. I guess one thing different about Beijing and Xiamen (weather-wise) is that Beijing is relatively dry, and Xiamen is relatively humid – not to mention how it’s beside the sea so sea breezes are ever-present.

Dad was here just last week, so along with the few winter items I had with me when I first arrived, and some of the items I had brought soon after I realized that all my outfits were Summer-ish and it was still Winter in February, dad brought along some scarves and thicker outfits that will hopefully keep me from buying too many winter clothes for winter, since it’s not suppose to be as cold as Beijing anyway. I wonder how much time I have left to wear shorts and sandals, and be able to go out without wearing a jacket or bringing along something to keep the cold at bay….

She’s the Kind of Girl tee from No. 3 Storehouse Xiamen; Light Blue shorts from Manila; Bowler Bag from Taobao; Brown boots from Taobao; Red Urbanears headphones from Mom

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Closest to Snow

Tomorrow will be the second week (of school) past Christmas vacation. The weather is still oddly cold (as compared to last year), and it seems as if the weather is getting colder as we’ re getting closer to summer. And where is this? Yes, this is the Philippines; where the weather is usually just hot or dry. Instead of being helpful, the weather has made studying a bit harder. Yet in some way, the weather has allowed the Philippines a chance to spice up their fashion sense a bit more. Usually, the weather doesn’t allow for the need for much creativity since people just put on a normal tee and skirts/shorts/pants. But because of this odd weather, more scarves-wearing, beanie-indulging, boots-fashioning, jacket-sporting people have arisen among the crowd. Now, those who wish to sport the looks from other countries during such cold seasons have their wishes come true. See people wearing these things around town, and it won’t seem odd. Also, more stores have made such fashion materials available, paving the way for the evolution of the fashion industry in the Philippines.

Hopefully, such fashion statements won’t lose budding interest in the Philippines, especially with the summer season nearing. This might be the closest to snow we’ll ever get. >v<

Almost time for bikini-shopping/sporting, tsinelas-wearing, tan-searching people to come back to their most favorite season of the year.