On a journey with Time Traveler’s Wife

So right now, I’m finally reading Time Traveler’s Wife. It’s been a must-read for me since it first came out. It must have been while I was still in High School when I first read the synopsis and I was like, “Oh my god, I got to get that book.” Well, I only bought the book last year. Shows my sense of priorities.. romance novels > time traveler’s wife. Haha.

A friend of mine lent me his DVD copy of the movie, and all the while, I was telling myself that I wouldn’t watch it till I had read the book. But owing to the fact that I might not return it if I do that, I watched the movie before I read the book.

-Watch out, possible spoilers-

So here I am now. Probably 100 pages into the book, and of course, done with the movie. What I’ve figured so far is that the movie is okay. Henry’s time traveling sort of makes sense in the movie. You do not really question it, or probe deeper. Whatever they show on screen, that’s about it. You may feel sad, happy, touched but it’s all about what they show on screen.

On the other hand, having read at least 100 pages, I can say that the book is a lot different. What I love (and also dislike) about the book are the details, the questions, the what ifs that don’t really come up when you watch the movie. Most things about Henry and Clare make more sense in the book. Well duh, how much info can you fit into a 2 hour movie right? But seriously. So far, I really love how detailed the book is. It answers a lot of questions that might have arisen while mulling over the whole time traveling situation, and it also brings into light questions that might have never been tackled. It’s great! It’s like a mini-philosophy book, with theories, ideas, realities that the movie cannot encompass.

Basically, I’m really loving the book, though some explanations in the book can be a bit confusing and may take some re-reading before one can fully grasp what it means.

This is definitely worth my money.


Getting nowhere

So last January, I began this personal goal thing – to read 50 books by the end of the year (Project: 50Leaves) which wasn’t doing so well in the beginning but seemed to be fine around summer vacation. Well, sad to say, I am far from getting any new book done. Lolita, which I began reading last year, is still not finished. Sad really, since I began it way back in China, and was making good progress with the book till I reached a certain part which became a more difficult read. Mansfield Park, this really nice book by Jane Austen, was something I began back summer of this year, but which I’m nowhere near finishing. Don’t get me wrong, the book is nice, but the English is not modern and it takes a while to understand the text. Add that to the amount of schoolwork + thesis research, and voila, you get it. Getting nowhere.

Am severely contemplating beginning Time Traveler’s Wife, so I can have a good basis for comparison when I finally watch the movie. But it seems to me that I won’t have the time to enjoy such a book. Maybe a new romance novel would be a good break from all these academic-related readings. Just considering it though, I have so much to work on now.

I’d love to go back to the days where I could read 1-2 books a day. Library books were most awesome back in High School.