The 50Leaves Book Project

While having a plurk conversation with Tiffy, she got me thinking about 1 resolution I’ll be promising myself this year. Since I’m an artist, I’d like to make it into a project, and a hopefully productive one at that. I’d like to promise myself that I’d try to read at least 50 books this year  (which actually reminds me of that movie my mom was re-telling to me, about 100 things a person would like to do before they died or that list about 100 books a person should read before they die). Which is why I’d like to (amidst a report deadline tomorrow) launch a small project. Haha. Nothing big, nothing new.


That’s my current working title for the project. If you have any suggestions for names, please feel free to drop some suggestions on the comments portion below. Hopefully by the end of January, since I’d like to keep a uniform project name for the rest of the year.

So why 50Leaves? Basically, my personal aim is to read 50 books in a year. That’s about  4-5books a month. Seems like a hard task, but that’s part of the point. I chose leaves because leaves always remind me of books. It could have stemmed from the word “leafing through books”, but I’m not quite sure. People nowadays don’t like reading books. They’d much rather play video games or watch the boob tube for hours on end, which is sort of sad. Before all these modern technologies, people spent their time reading and expanding their vocabulary, indulging in classics or plays and such. Now, ask a person to read a book and most will ask you if it’s a requirement for school or not. People have lost the love of reading and the love of books. I’m hoping to bring that back for some.

To join Project:50Leaves click here.

Leave any comments/suggestions and concerns below. Thank you.