It’s like I’m back from the dead

As the title of my blog entry says, it feels like I’m back from the dead. One, because I have left this blog empty for the past couple of months, which is a bit unlike me since I used to write every day (on LJ). And two, because for the latter half of July and earlier half of August, I felt seemingly dead as I was alone here in Xiamen and had a very screwed up schedule for the majority of those days.

Because I was in the middle of looking for work here in  Xiamen, and was putting off deciding whether or not I needed one more semester of Mandarin since I wanted to stay longer with my family and because I was planning on taking the HSK5 exam, I ended up not leaving for the Philippines, unlike most of my friends who had left within one week of the final exams. Everyone either went home for the vacation or they went home for good. So, I was basically bored and had a screwed up schedule, with my days spent mostly at home watching anime and Star Trek Voyager, while seemingly faking a productive day by cleaning parts of my room or going to the grocery.

Now, I feel like I’ve come back. Since the middle of August, one of my friends has returned to Xiamen. In more recent days, lots of my foreigner friends have come back from their vacations, and so the neighborhood has been a bit more bustling. To add to that, I’ve been doing some part-time work teaching English and communicating with some Chinese high school students, so that has to some extent regulated my sleeping schedule and wake-up time.

Hopefully, over the next few weeks, I can update my blog with entries about current or past events.

Thanks for still being here, whomever you are~ 🙂 Also, I know have an instagram account, you can follow me through the username dolldalera as that’s easier to access and update through the Great Firewall.



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