Sticky Note girl

Today, the world celebrates women everywhere. Happy International Women’s Day. Here in China, it’s called 三八妇女节 (Sānbā fùnǚ jié). In my 23 years of existence as a woman, I had yet to experience the joy of being a woman through a day dedicated to well..women. Sure, mothers have the “Happy Mother’s Day” celebration, but seeing as I’m not yet a mother, I have yet to enjoy that.

I was reminded by a friend of mine yesterday how today is Women’s Day. Apparently here in Xiamen University, students enjoy the day by hosting an activity where women can place requests on post-its, asking for anything they’d like (whether it’s material goods like toys, flowers, food; something more meaningful like a tour guide or a date, or even a language partner or a boyfriend). So women sign up on this sheet with their name and cellphone number, and are handed a corresponding code. With each post-it, one can write down any request they’d like, including their code (like let’s say A0001), and they can put it on the activity board of the said event area. Guys and girls alike can look at the post-its and if they feel like they can fulfill the request, they take down the post-it and hand it to the activity members, who will then write down the number of the girl requesting the said task, and then it’s up to the two to discuss how to go about the request.

Actually the said activity started a couple of days ago, and my friend did mention it last week (I just didn’t understand the concept) and supposedly was going to end yesterday but I’m happy that they decided to continue it till today since I wanted a chance to post something on the board. Some random things I asked for was a Wang Lee Hom poster (王力宏的招贴) , a pet fish or plant(一个小鱼或者植物), chocolate cake(巧克力蛋糕), a Panda stuffed toy(我可以包着的熊猫), and either a Panda or Frog bag(一个熊猫或者青蛙书包). Hopefully I’ll get a text tonight or maybe tomorrow, I really want some of the things that I asked for. After all, how often can I participate in an activity like this. Makes me wish Ateneo had something like this back home, this is such a cute event. 🙂

Also, there are lots of promos and celebrations for today. I even got a text from our family friend about celebrating today. I also called my aunt to greet her a happy  三八妇女节 🙂

Things like this make me so thankful that I was born a girl, though there are times when I think differently.

Again, happy international women’s day!


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