The 4am project

I’ve always found myself to be a person with weird sleeping habits. I find myself the most productive nearing midnight to around dawn. Whether it’s cleaning, or writing blog entries, playing console games, or finishing some other task, I find myself the most awake when the people on my side of the world should be asleep.

Today is not another exception. I found myself sleeping early at around 730pm. What was suppose to be a short nap, ended in 4 hours of sleep, and I found myself buying some fast food at KFC a little past midnight. Of course, with all that food (and some TV series episodes waiting for me), I ended up not sleeping after that dinner. With so much energy attained from 4 hours of sleep, I was able to clean out parts of my fridge which I had been meaning to get to, like the ice cube trays, the vegetable drawer, and some other things. I have yet to find baking soda to remove that god-awful smell from my fridge, but I’m slowly getting there.

Close-up of the holes

Zoomed-out view

Also, there’s been something in my “flat” that I’ve been meaning to get to. One part of the wall in my flat has some distinct tape markings, with lots of holes in it. My only guess is that some time before, someone decided to hang a dart paper or something, and used the darts found in the shoe rack by my main door for some leisurely fun. Now, the holes are permanently on the wall, and since the wall isn’t that clean either, the first thought I had in mind would be to hang instax pictures like some that I’ve seen (online) people do. I’m not artsy enough to find pictures that form another picture, and I’m just not patient enough to figure out how to do something like that. And since I haven’t found a poster big enough to fill the wall (I was aiming on using this map from my university that was given to me, but it’s too small) I decided to make the most of my 4am energy to get to posting photos. Of course, what I’ve set up isn’t enough, and neither is it done.

I’ve got about 36 photos up on the wall, including the Xiamen map. It looks much better, if I do say so myself, though hanging a poster would possibly have been more soothing to my obsessive-compulsive mind. Either way, the flat is looking more like home every day. I’d love to buy things to make this place look more like home, but since I need to be practical and I don’t want to end up spending too much, photos seem like the most feasible thing to put up. It’s not exactly free since the instax films cost money, but at least it’s a good way to display the photos I’ve already taken and plan to take from now on.

And again, good morning Xiamen. On a Sunday morning, the world around me is still asleep….more or less.

By the way, day by day, I’m feeling more and more domesticated. Haha. A lot more than when I was in Beijing, to some extent. I guess that’s what happens when you live alone.


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