Christmas Belen Twenty-Eleven

I was suppose to write a post about this earlier, but a lot of last-minute things cropped up.

So, welcome to a post about photos of my Christmas Belen 2011. In the Philippines, we usually prepare this thing called a belen, which is basically a presentation of the nativity scene. There is no specific design that everyone must follow, though belens have the usual Mary + baby Jesus in a manger + Joseph and under a structure with a roof, often times people add animals and sometimes even the Three Maji. Here in our house in Dumaguete, my family tries to spruce up the decoration with something more than just adding Christmas lights to the belen, or using really intricately designed figures as Mary, Jesus and Joseph representations.

Enjoy the next few pictures…

The main part of our belen, with a nipa hut like structure.

It’s like its own Christmas town, lacking snow of course.

All lit up.

North Pole?

I think they used some of the figurines we have often bought for my grandparents over the past few years.

Adorable little thing, with a train that moves!

Look, a Cathedral on a Hill. Love how that background just makes it more realistic 🙂

That’s more or less how the outside of our house was decorated for Christmas. The design was thought up by my uncle who is an engineer and an architect.

How about you? How did you set up your Christmas decorations? 🙂


One comment on “Christmas Belen Twenty-Eleven

  1. For People from the philippines, Christmas Eve on 24 December is well known using the Night time Mass, and also the traditional Noche Buena feast. Family people dine together around night time on traditional yuletide fare, including: queso p bola sealed with red-colored wax tsokol¨¢te, pasta, fruit salad, pan p sall, relleno and hamón (Christmas pork). Some families would also open presents at this time around.

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