Poem: 小的要求 (A Small Request)






Pinyin version of poem above:

Fēn xīn de wǒ, nǐ xiànzài nǎlǐ?

Gūdú de nǐ, qǐng zhǎodào me.

Làngmàn de wǒ, bùyào xiǎng duō de mèng,

Wánghóu de nǐ, qǐng bùyào ràng wǒ děng.

Rough translation of poem above:

Distracted me, where are you?

Lonely you, please find me~

Romantic me, do not dream too much,

Princely you, please do not make me wait.

During a short break at work that required me to just stand still and watch over the store, I was so bored that I started drawing and writing poetry. I was writing English poetry when I just thought of a few random and simple Chinese words and made them into a poem. Original one has been edited to mean something better, and to sound much better. I feel sort of pleased, considering it’s in Chinese (albeit very simple) and also because I just miss my poetry writing days. It’s amazing how sometimes, the days you feel the most BLAH, are days where you are inspired to write.

There’s nothing in what I wrote that has to do with anything I’m feeling or experiencing right now. But I guess a part of me that just wants to grow up and be realistic, is fighting a side of me that wants to stay naive and romantic.


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