Starting to get shoe crazy

So, ever since I got back from Beijing, I’ve had this sudden fashion frenzy phase with shoes, bags and clothes. I was a huge Bayo fan before I went, but I rarely went shopping for clothes or shoes, and much less bags. Once I got to Beijing, I realized there were so many cheap yet fashionable clothes in China that weren’t available in the Philippines. Sure we have our 168 and our Divisoria, but those products are usually imported from China and have an added price to them. And usually, I don’t have the determination to spend lots of money and/or time going to Philippine malls and buying clothes. Beijing, or well China in general, got me really into H&M and UNIQLO, I also bought a bunch of shoes from and Westlink.

Coming back to Manila, I was a bit depressed because well…I didn’t have the luxury of commuting on my own to go to like places where I can really haggle, and it was goodbye H&M and UNIQLO too. Manila-wise, I wasn’t much of a clothes-shopper or bag-buyer though I would buy shoes now and then. My family probably noticed, I got interested into shoes. I probably brought home 6 pairs of shoes from Beijing, and soon after arriving I treated myself to wedges from Jellybean, and recently wedges from H&M Hong Kong. Maybe it’s because I saw all those Chinese people (in Beijing, Shanghai, etc.) wearing wedges or heels to practically any place they go (even when climbing the Great Wall or some mountain park), maybe it’s because I am amazed at Tricia who has over 50 pairs of shoes, or it’s because I started constantly browsing through lookbook and noticed all the Jeffrey Campbell shoes and other lookbookers with their awesome outfits and footwear, like Kryz or Camille Co. I just snapped and went shoe crazyyyyyyyyyy. Haha.

So Kryz recently posted about Comfit and I was looking over the shoes. They’re pretty nice. I’ve been dying to buy a new pair of shoes soon (pls don’t tell my mom! haha) and I guess I need to go for more simple looking shoes. Most of the stuff I have now are boots or wedges, or Chinese-styled sandals with lots of studs or belts and whatnot. So yeah, they really make you stand out. Decided to check out the facebook page for Comfit to see what shoes I would like, especially now since I’m earning a little something and can afford to treat myself to some nice shoes or bag soon (though I still need to buy myself a new cellphone – blackberry!)

So yeah, these were the styles that pretty much caught my eye. I wonder if friends will see the styles I chose and say that these were definitely some of the things I would pick out. I tend to gravitate towards a certain style of clothing, or accessories, or bags or shoes….I’m pretty transparent about those things once you get to know me.

Which reminds me, I think I’ll save some of my earned-money and treat myself to a new bag or new shoes next week or something. Will have to see. I just bought this really cute blazer/jacket thing from Bayo a few days back…so I’m trying to restrain myself from buying again so soon. Must resist temptation!


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