Happy Birthday at Philippine Fashion Week

Dark Blue dress from H&M Hong Kong; Black wedges from H&M Hong Kong; Pearl-like ring from H&M Beijing; Pearl beads from somewhere in the past; Quilted bag from Beijing; Shell earrings from Beijing

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So I finally attended Philippine Fashion Week. After about 3 years of receiving invites but never being able to attend due to conflicts like being out-of-town or being out-of-the-country, I finally found the time to go!  Hm, sometimes things take a while…for a reason. I think back and wonder, 3 years ago…I don’t think I was very fashionable. Now, it’s much better. Maybe that’s it. Then again I can’t help but wonder, Philippine Fashion Week started 3 years ago, so I could have been introduced to that world earlier on in my life.  Things happen for a reason, and there’s no use thinking back  to the past. Haha.

So, Philippine Fashion Week was more awesome in real life than I had originally imagined. You watch those fashion shows on Fashion TV or ANTM and wonder what it feels like to be in that kind of world. People dressed in different kinds of clothes, wearing differently styled heels, with so much make-up on….it sometimes seems surreal. Seeing all those people who make the effort to dress up, all in one place, it feels great to be part of that. It’s also inspiring! It just makes you want to dress up REALLY pretty all the time.

Of course, watching fashion shows is not that fun when you’re alone, so luckily my good friend Meggy also received the same invite for the Ipanema Resortwear fashion show. We both got our invitations before our October 22-25 Hong Kong trip so we were able to find clothes to wear there. There were so many conflicts days before that made me think I’d be going alone, but in the end it all turned out well and I was able to enjoy the fashion show from the comfort of the guest seats. What surprised me was bumping into 2 bloggers I knew. And also, that the second invitation I received for the Ipanema event was actually a media pass which secured me some press material (of which I’ll post later on). 🙂 Yay for Ipanema, which I’ve been wearing for around 2-3years already. Still, since I didn’t want to leave Meggy seated alone, we just sat at the guest area and commented on the clothes we liked seeing and which we didn’t like too much. Critiquing outfits….LIKE A BOSS (Sorry, inside joke.)

Sitting there, watching all the pretty and good-looking models pass by in their outfits, it was amazing. I’ve never really imagined Ipanema as a clothes brand, more of shoes, a couple of pairs which me, my mom and sister own. Seeing them show all of those interesting and creative outfits was a new experience. Designers Anthony Nocom, Catherine Cavilte, Dave Ocampo, Lyle Ibanez and Raoul Ramirez really brought out the spirit of summer in their resort wear. It definitely makes you want to purchase a few of their outfits and head out to Boracay or Palawan.

God, I look old! Hahaha. Yuck. >.<

Media tag!

Dressing up is awesome, and I love my new shoes…they’re comfortable to walk in and they are gorgeous. Predominantly H&M outfit! Me and Meggy were both sporting H&M dresses!


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