The Gift of Starbucks, 2012 edition

The 5 colors of this year’s Starbucks Planners

I don’t know if you recall but in 2009 and 2010, I wrote about how I was a Starbucks Planner girl. A few days ago, mom went to an event with Starbucks for their Christmas season opening, or something like that. Of course, with every Starbucks Christmas season, there are 2 things people look forward to – planners and seasonal drinks. So when mom mentioned that she received a planner for 2012, I immediately asked for it. I’ve been using the Starbucks planner since 2006, and last year both my parents gave me a Starbucks 2011 planner EACH (so yes, I have 2 and use only 1), which was a surprise after I came back from Beijing for a short vacation.


Unboxed Front

Unboxed Back

Funny how some things work out. I only got my Starbucks 2011 planner around February because that’s the time I came home from Beijing, and though I really wanted to buy a Starbucks Beijing planner…it was just too expensive. And now, I have the Starbucks planner, even before the stamp collection starts. It’s amazing. 🙂 Also, with a lot of things brewing for next year, having the Starbucks 2012 planner early is a good thing. It lets me set aside time to see how the future is panned out, how to organize things, and the like.

So with this new Starbucks planner design, it seems less formal and more casual. Compared to last year’s planner with 3 color designs and this cover texture that made it look business-y, and the year before last with its 3 cover designs featuring different processes of coffee making….still with a sleek business-like design, this year’s planner goes for a more Save-the-Earth design.

Picture above taken with permission from my mom’s blog. Click for the link.

The planner comes in a pouch, which is how I found it inside the box. If you open the pouch, it has 2 small pockets for small gadgets like an ipod/ipodtouch/cellphone/PDA. And the great thing is that it’s reusable and well…if you’d like to ditch using it for the planner, you can put your other things inside and use it inside your bag, for a more organized look. I guess you can use this too in place of a bag, it basically works well with anything.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the cover is made of a rougher material. Mine is called BAMBOO, and the Starbucks logo is really carved into it. Also, instead of a string bookmark, this year’s planner comes with its own Starbucks bookmark that’s also made of natural materials. What’s lovely is also the Starbucks 2012 planner carved unto the upper right part of the planner. Note that the thing used to bind the planner is the same color and material as the pouch.

Starbucks 2012 Planner carved into the cover. Note, the pages have marks, to make it easier to spot which month it is.

Starbucks Logo with the bookmark

Now for the important part, the insides of the planner. If you’ll notice, all the weekdays are now located on one side. The other side is for notes, which I think is an interesting change. Note all the important things and plans on the weekday page itself, and excess notes and squiggles and such on the other page. If you check the left notes page, the upper right highlights what week you’re in, and the corner of the page indicates what month. Take note, the week on the weekdays page starts on Monday, which you’ll be used to if you’ve been using the last few Starbucks planners. Monthly pages are much neater, great for spotting reminders for important meetings, birthdays, or anniversaries. For me, the big question now is where I’ll be putting my birthday reminders, on the monthly pages or the weekday ones, since the Starbucks planner for this year is much smaller.

Monthly pages

Weekly page

To save space, the calendar has 2 weeks per line. Highlighted part is the current week.

Highlights which month it is too!

One thing I noticed which is different about this year’s planner is that the front page no longer has the details section. You know, that area that has your name, cellphone number, and email. When starting on my new planner, that’s usually the thing I write on first. Instead, the first part of the planner has this introduction.

 To lock the planner and keep it from opening is a rubber band,which reminds me of the 2008 (?)  planner


The back part comes with a flap for stuff you want to insert in your planner

For additional StarbucksPH 2012 planner pictures, kindly check out my flickr. I put the other pictures I didn’t use in this blog entry, into my account.


2 comments on “The Gift of Starbucks, 2012 edition

  1. Dolldalera… Thanks for the preview. I receive a SB Planner each year from a dear friend in Manila. She drinks alot of coffee just for me. 🙂 If you remember the 2008 planner, it came with a ‘leather’ cover…I converted the cover to protect my NookBook E-Reader. It works well and it reminds me daily of my dear Filipino friends.

    • Hi there Kevin! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who adores Starbucks planners 🙂 Yes, I remember the 2008 planner. I also remember the 2007 one which was heavy and also had its own leather-like cover. I gave it to my mom to use after the year was done. Great idea, using it for your E-reader. You have really good friends.

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