2 kinds of people

Something my good acquaintance Khyoon mentioned on his twitter that got me thinking.


It concerns a lot of things I’ve been considering lately, some of which I’ve discussed with my mom and a few friends. Not to mention how Julie&Julia was airing recently and featured that 20 being the new 30 or was it the opposite, or something to that effect.

Each generation has bigger expectations for the youth because of everything that is made available to us. Because of this, a lot of people are afraid to make mistakes. Sure, the world tells you to go out and make mistakes, and learn from them. But what if you can take things slow, consider all opportunities and pick the best option available? Isn’t going out and failing, also a waste of time? I know that nothing can be useless, and that sticking around and doing nothing is just as bad as failing, but what if you waited just a bit longer for something to come along…and apparently that something was what you were looking for all along?

Patience is a virtue, but experience is the best teacher. Sometimes, these quotes and sayings just sort of negate each other. It makes it a bit hard to determine what is what, and which is which. I know I’m young, but I’m not afraid to admit that I’m afraid to go out and make mistakes. Make one mistake, sure you can maybe use up a few months or a year. But what if you just keep making them, till you aren’t young anymore. What then?

Oh life.

I don’t need a sign. I need the gift of understanding if the things or opportunities or events around me, are signs or not. And what exactly do those things mean?


2 comments on “2 kinds of people

  1. While I agree with you, you have to define what “mistake” means first of all, and in my opinion it’s a bit hard. For me, one mistake may only be a mistake in one moment, later down in life we may view it as not a mistake depending where we end up.

    It’s honestly a very headache inducing topic. My initial remark was pointed at how most people are really only defined by those two values. I’ve found that people who aren’t afraid of mistakes perceive time differently and are more open, while the opposite is more likely to be constrained by self imposed limits and more close-minded than others. The sad thing I’ve noticed is how those two kinds of people don’t get along with each other.

    • True. ‘Mistake’ is hard to define. It could be a personal mistake, with others viewing it as a lesson in life. And I’m sure I’ve made mistakes in the past that I can just laugh at later on. The question is, how long does it take for a person to realize whether any event is truly a mistake, or simply an experience. For me, I try to think of the present situation. Thinking too far ahead, just gives me headaches. I know we’re suppose to consider the future, but the future me has a maturity and understanding that the present me cannot comprehend. So who am i, as the present me, to define what a mistake means to me at present, and what it’ll mean to me in the future.

      Do they truly not get along with each other? I think that it’s possible that sometimes, these people don’t get along. But it can sometimes be an age thing. I’m sure my mom views events differently than I do, because she’s more experienced. And though I have friends who may thing opposite to me, I don’t think they’ll force me to think a certain way. I guess people in the same generation might understand each other’s plights more, because they’re experiencing the same kind of situations and experiences, but understanding those things differently.

      Haha. I dunno. For now, I think like the 23 year old me…not any younger, not any older. Just the me..NOW.

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