Leg Lovin Ladies

White short coat from H&M Beijing; One-piece dress from Greenhills; Ankle-cut boots from Westlink Beijing; Brown and Cream bag from H&M Beijing; Black round earrings from H&M Beijing

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Thanks to the invitation of my friend Meggy, I was able to attend a fashion show event (Oct. 11) for this brand called Leg Love by City Lady. It’s basically a stockings brand, something sexy and modern….exactly right for the new modern woman. The first time Meggy told me about the event, I wasn’t too excited since the thing that pops into my mind when I hear of stockings is usually the monochrome ones that working people usually wear. To me, stockings don’t really seem like something you’d like to wear on daily basis since they’re personally, too much of a hassle to wear, plus the weather here is hot and they’ll just add more heat. Yet despite being tired the days before the event because I was taking my Korean friend (classmate from Beijing) around Manila, I was able to dress up and make my way to the event.

Amazingly, the event was more than I had originally thought it would be. Imagine sexy models walking down the runway in nothing but their bra and underwear, stockings, and sexy heels. For both men and women, it was definitely an amazing sight. Sadly, I was too short to take pictures from where we were standing, mostly because the runway wasn’t high enough so unless you were seated directly by the runway….you can only catch glimpses of the stockings. Despite that, the event definitely took my breath away.

The event started off with Bianca Valerio, a tv host and model, who was wearing this really sexy pair of stockings and some clothes, while she was inside a cage propped on stage. In tune with the music, she moved from the inside of the cage to the main runway, and then started stripping in front of everyone. First with her gloves then later on her other top and bottom wear that I wouldn’t even consider as clothing. She stripped until the last things left were her bra, underwear and stockings. After that, she started walking down the runway while countless other models appeared from behind, modeling other styles of the stockings.

There was a part where men wearing designed-socks came up to the runway from a stage at the back and also strutted their stuff. After that though, it was another round of stockings designed by another designer. Sexy. There weren’t a lot of designs for the stockings, but me and my friends were picking out the ones we wanted and would consider buying from the brand.

Click the photos above for a link back to the brand’s facebook page

The amazing thing I found out from attending the event is this….all these stockings are available at SM Department Stores. Yes, you heard me right, SM Department Stores.

“You’d think that these kinds of stockings are only for winter climates but, it’s great to wear these with mini-skirts and dresses, and it’s not as uncomfortably hot as you’d expect stockings to be…”

City Lady, formerly known as the brand Lady President, is manufactured by Manila Bay Hosiery Mills, Inc., which has been manufacturing hosieries in the Philippines since 1955.

Leg Love Stockings ranges from Php299 to Php399 and is available at all leading Department stores nationwide.

The normal hosiery that they sell ranges from the prices stated above, which is what is mentioned on their facebook page. But if you go to their multiply site, the stockings presented at the event go for around P600. Still, a good price for sexy stockings. They are tempting as lingerie, but more affordable. Plus imagine pairing these babies with short dresses…..so much sexier!

Above are pictures of the models (on my side of the runway) with their respective outfits and stockings. The female models featured above came from the second segment of the fashion show.

Bianca Valerio with Meggy (in the center) and Meggy’s cousin

Bianca Valerio, can I just say, is soooo pretty in person. She has this really bubbly personality, and she’s a very eloquent speaker, and she’s so tall. Sometime after the event, when a lot of the attendees had already left and the open bar was well…open, Bianca was joining some girls who were walking down the runway. She was even giving them tips and showing them how to walk, she’s so nice.

The ladies: Meggy, Me and Rich

Part of me is saying, Christa, you’re growing up. A few years ago, I probably wouldn’t have imagined myself going to an event like this, or even getting the chance to go to an event like this. And stockings, well…I didn’t think I’d be interested in getting really sexy looking stockings. Haha. So glad I went to this event with my friends.


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