Dream(ing) Girl

Striped top from Esprit Hong Kong; Head Bands hairpiece from H&M Beijing; Dice necklace from gift; Plaid skirt from Preview Manila; Brown wedges from Jellybean Manila.

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So lately, I’ve been thinking a lot back to my childhood. Like how at this moment in time, how much of the youth (kids and teenagers) know what a diskette is. Like a post I saw somewhere before, tumblr I think, would kids years from now know that the “save” sign on their MS Office is called a diskette? On Google+, a friend posted a youtube video of an old animated movie called The Last Unicorn, which was one of my favorites as a child. Another friend happened to mention that some freshman students at university weren’t familiar with the anime Akazukin Cha-cha. These are just few of the many things that get added on to a list of things the youth no longer recognize, the longer the list, the more we realize how much older we’re getting.

From when I was young, until now, I’ve always been a daydreamer. My parents and sometimes teachers, often tell me that I get easily distracted because I’m thinking of something odd or different. Even now, I think the romantic daydreamer in me still does that. Maybe it’s not as obvious as me staring off into space, or me going on about what I want to do or what I want to become, but it’s there…just more subtle. I don’t think I’ll ever want to get rid of this characteristic of mine though. It’s very child-like, friends often tell me, but still retaining this kind of personality allows me to never give up (to some extent) and to always just dream a little bigger. Aren’t those out-of-this-world and unimaginable inventions and theories made up because people didn’t stick to the norm?

Just a little something to listen to if you’re interested.

In other news, I finally got my books today! After having Fully Booked order them from abroad (since all the UK editions of Clash of Kings ran out, and most people read the US edition here), waiting one week for it to arrive (despite them telling me it’ll probably arrive in about a month) and finally using this week to get them…..I finally have these 4 books to keep me company until Dance with Dragons comes out with a paperback edition next year. I’d like to get that now, but the hardbound edition is beyond my means at around P1.2k, which is more or less how much I got these 4 books for (with a 10% discount using my Fully Booked discount card).

So beyond all the chit-chat and chitter-chatter, I’m really happy that I finally have these to tide me over for the time-being. With books by my side, I’ll be a dreamer forever, always immersing myself in these fantasy worlds and stories.

Cheers to all fellow dreamers and daydreamers. 


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