It’s time to rememBER

Oh the first of September. The first of the BER months. To some people, it’s a hurried reminder that Christmas is approaching, and christmas gifts have to be prepared. To some, it’s just another reminder that there are 4 more months until the end of the year. In some other countries, it’s probably a sign that fall is coming and classes are starting, or fall is here and it’s time to start upgrading to fall-wear. I wish I was any of those right now, but now, none of those are me.

From now on, until the near future, whenever I think of the start of the BER months, or the start of September, I’ll probably remember Beijing and how this day last year, I was in Beijing. My adventures in Beijing may not have started in September, but I shall remember how September 1 was the first day me and my friends celebrated living in our flat, or well living in A flat (independently and without parents), for the first time.

Sometimes, I wonder if I reminisce about Beijing too much that it gets annoying. This will probably be a phase that will soon pass, this me that’s trying to remember what I was doing this time last year. Then again, who can’t help but reminisce about happy memories? But for now, while I’m here in Manila trying to just get back on track and figuring out what I want, all I have now are memories, happy wonderful memories. September will never be the same again.

The administrative building of Tsinghua University.

The red signs says it’s “Warmly welcoming the new students”.

My favorite order-in food. This was around 11-15rmb, can’t remember. It’s less than P100 though.


One comment on “It’s time to rememBER

  1. You just gotta stop thinking like you’ll never be able to go back to Beijing. On the flipside, it’s positive to say it’s a good thing that “The Beijing Experience” is still affecting your growth/maturity as a person.

    For me the BER months only remind me of birthdays. Lots of people’s birthday are in the BER months. Yours. A number of friends. A certain special someone.

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