Hi and welcome to my almost 3 year old blog and my crappy new (obviously photoshopped) introduction header! I just came back from a (more or less) one year stint in Beijing studying Mandarin. I miss Beijing and I’m back in Manila, but sometimes I feel like I left my heart in Peking. I really loved it there and all the places I got to go to, and all the things I was able to see and experience.

So how did the name dolldalera come about? Daldalera in Tagalog actually refers to someone very talkative, in other words me…someone who cannot stop talking. And well, since I started my blogs with a doll theme that began with Dresdendoll (the nickname my grandma gave me), I just combined the two.

My blog is basically that. A bunch of random things that just happen to pop into my head. My brain is really talkative, and on average, my brain never stops thinking about things to write about and things to discuss. It’s just one big mess of ideas and thoughts up there. My blog is an extension of that, online. I write about almost anything and everything that I can think of. Be it personal things, my travels, my interests or things that piss me off, and other random whatnots. I welcome you to view my entries if you’re interested in just about anything, and you happen to find my blog interesting or funny, or whatever. 🙂

I blog as a hobby and I use my blog to de-stress so I don’t have any routine posts. If you’re okay with subscribing to my blog so you’ll be updated when I update, then I give you my gratitude in advance. Just click on the side of the blog that says “Sign Me Up” to get you started.

Hope you find my entries interesting. Cheers!



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