Goodbye March and hello HuangShan (黄山/Yellow Mountains)

Time flies by so quickly, it seems much quicker than just days passing by. Last week my sister graduated from university, and sadly I wasn’t there to congratulate her personally on her memorable accomplishment. It seems so fast, especially since I just graduated last year and it hasn’t (at times) even fully sunk in that I have an undergraduate degree.

Before I know it, April will have passed and May and June will just be around the corner. Time to go back then, and time to find work. Sigh. April also signifies another phase of our life passing by, one flatmate and her fiancée who were here for the last few weeks will be moving out. Though they were here for only a short while, it was nice to have been able to experience something new by being around them. Sad to have to see them go.

For now, I’m trying to look forward to tomorrow as more than just being the first day of April, the end of March 2011. Tomorrow evening, me and a couple of other Filipino friends will make our way to HuangShan for the Pure Bright festival holidays. So this entire weekend till Wednesday morning, we shall be immersed into more than just the usual Beijing city environment. As another of many firsts, not counting climbing up a mountain, sleeping on an overnight train. I’ve not done that before so I’m slightly nervous and excited as well. During the decision-making period for this trip, I did some research on HuangShan and discovered that many Chinese paintings that I’ve seen around the internet as well on some books was based on the scenery here. Especially those paintings where you can see a sea of clouds, yup that’s based on HuangShan. Maybe inspiration will strike me while on the trip, like all those Classical Chinese painters and poets who sat on the mountain or sat in view of the mountains and drew inspiration from it.

Instead of getting sad, I shall try to look forward to April. How often can people enjoy first experiences in the company of good friends. I pray that I shall have enough camera memory to take photos of everything I see there. And, that I just don’t sleep the nights away, which is what happened back during the Inner Mongolia trip. Slept away the 2 nights that we were there. Haha.


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