Woman In Heels

One thing I’ve learned in my stays in China, I can’t walk as far in heels as these Chinese women can. It surprises me to no end how a lot of these women can stand walking for kilometers, on the road, or in the subway, or even when climbing a mountain. When I was a student at Sun Yat-Sen University way back in 2008, it was the first time I really noticed Chinese people walking around in heels. Even on campus, I was surprised to see both Chinese friends and strangers alike walking to and from class in heels. Didn’t they hurt? I could maybe imagine women walking along the streets, and fathom even commuting in subways wearing heels though I couldn’t imagine why they’d want to do that. Well anyways, the biggest surprises come when I spot these Chinese women going to tourist destinations, like this one mountain park here in Beijing, wearing heels. And to think they climb up those steps in heels! Aren’t they afraid of falling down and twisting their ankle or something?

Their varieties of heels, whether it’s stilettos or boots, it both strikes me as strange but strangely also as a fashion item.

I can’t complain much though. Since arriving, I’ve only been wearing flats. Flat everything. I walk around a lot so I hate wearing heels that’ll just burden my feet while walking. Recently though as I’ve moved to a new flat closer to the restaurants and places foreigners and students frequent often in my area, heels are not as frustrating to wear as before and I have tried to get used to them. Of course when I go back to Manila, I’ll have to try to wear heels more often for work or other reasons so it’s imperative that while in China I try to get used to wearing them again.

Also, I cannot complain that I love their boots and heels here. The Philippines is too hot a place to wear boots for long periods of time though I tend to wear my mom’s boots when I feel like it. Boots in the Philippines are either too expensive or don’t have a lot of variety so in some sense, you could say that the me on the inside is trying to tell myself to buy boots while I can still can.

It takes some getting used to I guess. Plus not only are boots and heels so lovely to look at, they make your legs look longer. For Asians like me who are generally short in stature, we need all the help we can get in order to look taller. Haha.

Coat: A.YiLian; Top: Esprit; Boots: Westlink

Taken on: 2011年03月10日. You can find this look on Chictopia. Hype this look on LOOKBOOK.


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