Delayed Serenitea-lovin’

Today’s my last day in Manila for the next few months. It’s back to Beijing for this young student, and back to everyday homework and waking up early. Back to the cold weather, and possibly snow. Back to independent living and back to getting fat because of oily food and the no-sweat weather.

Since arriving in Manila about 3 weeks ago, I can’t help but admit that I’m on a delayed Serenitea addiction. Maybe it was being in Beijing and surrounded by no-Serenitea and only-Happy-Lemon flatmates, since coming back I have had Serenitea at least 5 times. One within my first week of arriving, one last week, and three times within this week. A few months ago, I recall telling myself that I preferred Starbucks over Serenitea since I was into sweet drinks. Maybe it was because my first drink was the Okinawa one and despite it being on full-sugar mode, it didn’t strike me as being that delicious. About a week before leaving for Beijing though (the first time around) I got my first taste of the Hokkaido drink and liked it. I’m not the kind of person who loves to experiment on food and drinks, so when I like the taste of something, I tend to stick to that one thing for as long as I possibly can.

My first Serenitea drink (May2010)

Now I’m quite hooked on Hokkaido with Egg Pudding, though I’m still testing the waters on which sugar level suits me best. All my friends from the Food Club were really into this a few months ago, and I couldn’t understand why they were so hooked on it. Congratulations Christa for discovering your love for this brand of Milk Tea too late. Haha. Doesn’t really matter how late though since a lot of people are still into Serenitea, with them making more branches than the original branch in Little Baguio (San Juan). It also doesn’t help that there’s a Serenitea branch quite close to my house, making the need to head on over there and order a drink, or simply order a few drinks and have it delivered to my house, quite tempting.

Oh well. I guess there’s a time and place for everything. I wonder if I’ll go on a Serenitea-withdrawal in Beijing. Better find a substitute fast, though Happy Lemon there is pretty good and quite cheaper than Happy Lemon here in Manila. Also, distance to Happy Lemon in my area of Beijing is not that far. Temptation!

Serenitea details (As taken from the ILoveSerenitea Facebook page)


♚ Little Baguio, San Juan
♚ Aguirre Ave. BF Homes Paranaque
♚ N Roxas St. Banawe, Quezon City
♚ Cinema Area, Alabang Town Center
♚ Adriatico Wing, Robinsons Place Manila


Phone Numbers: 379-4166; 794-3288


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