Welcome to my almost 2 year old personal blog that began when I realized that my personal blog on livejournal, is just too hormone-filled. I rant too much on that blog, seriously. This blog was born out of my discovering my more Chinese side, not only because of my course, but also because of my own interests. I call this personal blog, “thechinadoll” not only because I’m keeping in theme with my other blog, or because as mentioned on my other “About Me” page that my grandmother would be reminded of a doll because of my Chinese-like features, but also because I think of myself as a fragile china doll who is still unsure of who she wants to be. Sharing personal feelings on this blog allows me to show both my strong and weak side, my opinions and personality, and other things about me.

As you’re reading this, I could be in China. I’ll be there for a few months to study, and maybe eventually to work. As wordpress is probably banned in China, and getting access to wordpress is an uncertain reality, feel free to read through my older posts to get to know me more, or read about my Pages from China that includes both current (hopefully) and previous adventures in the Middle Kingdom.

Let me share with you my stories as seen through a doll’s eyes.



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