I am No One

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Yesterday, tragedy struck here in the Philippines as a tourist bus was held hostage by a man, a man who was wronged by the world. A former police offer, he was fired for some things he was said to have done. I don’t know if he did those things he was accused of or not, but he felt wronged after more than 20 years of service. He decided that by kidnapping some people, his voice would be heard. It was going well until mid-afternoon struck and some things went wrong. In the end, a few of the tourists on that bus were killed, and so was this guy.

I will not say anymore lest I seem biased. I am not here to say that what he did was right, or was wrong. But it made me realize that we are all just human beings, mortal and imperfect human beings. And that no matter how we try to succeed, become rich or famous, or do something extra-ordinary, to this world where we live, we are just another person.

We are invisible. Part of a society that is one of many societies that exists and has existed since time immemorial. We are no one different. We are who we are. We may be normal common folk, or important people who make big decisions, but to this world, we are just one of the many people who are born into this life and later die in this life. To her who has lived millions of years, we are nothing.

We live, then we die.

About this poem:
I didn’t add punctuations or capitalized lines after the first. Feel free to read it as you see fit. There is definitely a pattern in the sentences, because that’s how I felt when I wrote it. But feel free to read past it, you might not see how I wrote it, or if you’ve read a lot of my work you might see it.

R.I.P. to those people who were killed in that tragedy. We pray that you are in a better place. I pray that your families though grieving, will be able to send you off to a place far past this world that does not really see us.


With eyes that wander
it searches
it moves
yet it cannot see me
with fingers that search
it reaches out
into the darkness
yet it cannot feel me
with a voice that calls
it softly whispers
it calls out loudly
yet it cannot hear me
I am here
can’t you see me
feel me
hear me
here i stand unmoving
lost in the world
as it swallows me
as if i am nothing
it has devoured me
can you see me now
i am one with you
see me
feel me
hear me
i am here


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