Onwards to the Middle Kingdom: 18 days

With less than 3 weeks left before I leave, the excitement of leaving is so obviously written all over my countdown tweets and my livejournal entries. About a week ago, my to-do list still had a lot of things that needed to be covered. But now, with a lot more things done that I can cross off, it seems to me that there isn’t much left to do. Practically all document-related tasks are done with as I’ve already applied for my visa at the Chinese Embassy, and I’ve already gotten it back. My dentist check-up is also done, though I can’t say that I enjoyed the visit (as I really detest going to the doctor, the dentist, and the dermatologist). A few other shopping things are almost complete as my mom has already purchased some cold medicine and multivitamins for me to take.

For tomorrow, I have something planned out at the salon. And over the next days, it’ll be about completing the list so nothing gets crammed or forgotten, as well as hanging out with friends whom I won’t be seeing over the next few months. I hope everything works out for the better as my moods have been either really good or really bad. This, I imagine, is just another calm before the storm as I’m expecting my first few days in Beijing to be stress-filled with necessary procedures and applications that need to be completed before the enrollment, after enrollment, and so on and so forth. Independence, it’s really something you have to work at.

Can’t wait! But honestly really anxious.


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