Leaving on an airplane…

In 25 days.

I’m more or less final with the date. Booking with a friend at a travel agency, set to leave Manila on the 30th. That’s about 3 weeks from now. Three and a half weeks actually. The date seems so close now that I think about it, and there are still loads of things I need to have done, like my check-up at the dentist, going to the salon to have my hair rebonded (stupid curly roots) and dyed, need to buy a few more things like some intimates and some medicines – for colds, or like lozenges.  Yes, a few more things that need to be done.

I’ve packed away into boxes some of the things I’m leaving behind, so that they won’t get dusty easily. Packing-wise, I need less than a day to clear out the rest of my things into boxes. My sis is trying to get me to clean out my drawers so she can put some of her clothes there. Fat chance as I cannot bring most of my clothes to Beijing anyways, I’ll freeze to death in those.  Also, I’m practically done with the visas as me and my friends went to the Chinese Embassy yesterday to settle things. Going back on Monday to get our visas. Oh, getting my blood tested as well to make sure all is well, so they’ll be coming over tomorrow to get that done.

Ugh, so many things to do. 25 days to get it all done.


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