Onwards to the Middle Kingdom: 30 days

Part of me can’t believe it. This time next month, I’ll be in Beijing! I’ve been getting a little stressed out recently because of all the preparations that I have to do here and when I get there. Yesterday, spent a better part of the evening packing away some of my things. Dusting away at some souvenirs from the High School days and putting them away into some storage boxes I bought at Office Warehouse the other day. Today, I’m set on opening some old plastic storage boxes and throwing away things I don’t really need so my stuff that’s out in the open can also be put inside. Today will be a productive day as my siblings will be out of the house for the day, so that leaves me without distractions and interruptions.

Also, went to the doctor yesterday to get a check-up and also got a flu vaccine. I really detest injections, but as it seems a better option to have myself seen here rather than risk myself getting sick and going to some unknown doctor in China, I put up with it. Doctor recommended that I get a blood test to make sure everything’s okay with me before I leave, especially to determine if I have enough antibodies, as she wants to know whether she has to give me the vaccination for Hepa A and B. That will probably happen sometime next week, same as the whole going to the embassy thing to apply for a visa, and online dorm reservations at my university.

It’s going to be a busy one month. Part of me says there isn’t much to do, but another part of me is going through my mental to-do-list and cringing at all the things that still need to be done – like having my hair rebonded before I leave (as my curly roots are growing back), as well as re-dyeing my hair (which I’m considering just dyeing back to black).

I’ve got to cross things off my list one by one. That nagging feeling that I might forget something when I leave is annoying.


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