Crying over leaving my books behind

So lately I’ve been thinking that I need to read a new book. My Lolita book from 2008 is still on my bedside table getting read very rarely, and usually on a read-one-page-at-a-time basis. Mansfield Park from 2009 is also left untouched for the most part. Beijing is coming up soon and part of me wants to bring these books along so I can finally or hopefully finish them, but part of me wants to keep them here in Manila. The undecided me!

I actually have a few books in my drawer – Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches trilogy for instance, that  I am dying to just bring along with me, but worries over baggage allowance are prodding me not to. I just can’t imagine leaving my books behind for a year or more. I’m sure that there will be plenty of bookstores over there to go gaga over, especially since I’ve been planning to buy over there a good English edition of Journey to the West and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. And some other worthwhile Chinese classics as well. Which reminds me that my copy of My Country and My People will have to go into the bag since I don’t plan on finishing it anytime before I leave.

On the other hand, my copy of Darcy and Elizabeth:Nights and Days at Pemberley is calling out to me. I’m so tempted to read it, and I want to bring it with me to Beijing so badly. It will surely be a better choice than over-abusing the internet situation over there. I must not spend money on more books before I leave. It’s hard enough avoiding the temptation to shop for clothes, what more for books.

P.S. And no, I’m not abusing my blog with daily entries for fear of not being able to do so when I get to China, nor am I abusing it since it’s past 3am again and I’m still up….*looksguiltilyaway*


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