Chicken Massacre

Last Friday, me and a few friends from my college org (all my batchmates) decided to get together for a dinner since we don’t get to go out that often. Because we wanted to take advantage of Max’s Chicken All-You-Can-Eat which would end the day after, we all decided to pig out and see how much chicken we could all eat. Apparently, lots of people wanted to try out the Chicken All-You-Can-Eat too, since it was available only from 6-10pm, and that’s at Php165! Imagine!

So we waited in line for about an hour till we got called and took our spot. Out of the 9 of us, 8 of us opted for the Chicken All-You-Can-Eat, while my other friend opted for lumpia since she had just gone to Max’s a few days before. While everyone wanted to make the most out of their meal and didn’t order rice, me and a friend each ordered one plate of rice. Usually, I don’t like putting  Banana Ketchup, but as I noticed all my friends eating their chickens with it, I decided to give it a try and noticed that banana ketchup actually tasted good with Max’s Chicken.

What’s even funnier is that the boys at our table (4 of them) who were all on one side, emptied an entire bottle of ketchup unto a plate! When we had to ask the waitress for another bottle since our side didn’t had any left, soon after the 4 of us girls poured out a little ketchup, the boys again took hold of the bottle. The waitress came back with a new bottle soon after, even if we didn’t ask for one. Hilarious.

Somewhere nearing the end of our dinner, or amidst our dinner, one of the servers who was going around serving chicken told us that it would be the last round as they had run out of chicken. Actually, they came back one more time after that before we decided we had enough.

In contrast to my usually not-eating-a-lot, I had 4 chickens, one plate of rice and loads of glasses of Pepsi. I could have eaten more though. The rest of us girls had about the same amount of chicken while the boys…well..they’re boys. Haha.

My chicken tower.

Combined chicken feast of the girls’ side.

Appetite Markers (Almost Final).

I’m “Xta”. Haha. Actually come another round of chicken, my friend whose name above is “Porky” was able to finish 9 pieces of chicken! Twas so cool. According to my friend’s calculations, as long as you’ve eaten 3 pieces, you’ve already gotten your money’s worth.

I wish they hold something like that again soon. It was just so good. And maybe next time, me and my friends won’t go out on a Friday as more people are likely to attend something like this.


2 comments on “Chicken Massacre

  1. Is it all sorts of different chicken pieces or is it whole? It looks fried but it also looks like it’s just bones…

    All you can eat chicken sounds awesome, though. XD

    • Different chicken pieces. Haha. When I say chicken, I don’t mean a whole chicken. It’s fried chicken, but not like breaded fried like KFC or Mcdonalds.

      And yes, all you can eat food really sounds good when the price is very afforadable. 😀

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