Breathe out

Last Thursday, after one month of anticipation, fretting, preparing, and ceaseless hours of thinking that it won’t come out well, 1/3 of my worries are over. I was in some way finally assured of my slot at Tsing Hua University. There, I’ve said it on my blog, the name of the school. After all that ‘holding-it-in’ because I didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched, it’s out.  Last month, as most of you who read my blog know, I sent in my applications to C University after a hurried decision to apply for the school (after coming home on the 3rd, deciding to go on the 4th and having all documents sent in on the 7th for the June 15 deadline). After that, I found out I could not have my slot confirmed because my passport was still due for renewal, so I had to wait for my appointment at the Department of Foreign Affairs on the 24th. Then, I had to wait 2 more weeks for the new passport to arrive.

So finally, after about a month of waiting, it arrived on the 8th and I fixed the necessary documents and talked to the people handling the documents and such for the program I’m applying for in TsingHua, and everything’s okay. Sent in the new details regarding my passport and it’s all more or less okay.

Yay! The pictures above are what I had been waiting for since last month. Confirmation that my slot has been more or less reserved.

Sometime next week, my documents will (hopefully) arrive already, which means I would be able to just smile a little more then. Visa applications, plane ticket booking, discussion of apartments versus dorming, preparing what needs to be brought especially since it’ll be my first Winter’s been pretty hectic getting and a few things done and discussing some others while waiting. After that, and preparing all the documents, all I have to do is wait for the end of August to arrive and it will be, HELLO PEKING!

I’m very much excited. 很兴奋!

The next thing I hope to find is a way to be able to access sites like wordpress and twitter while I’m there. Hm, my China escapade will need to be in a new category….


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