My new pink baby!

Hello readers! I’ve just gotten my new pink baby! No, don’t misunderstand.. My usual reliable laptop has already been with me for over 4 years. It has survived and accompanied me throughout my stay in my university. From getting stolen 2 months into my receiving it (2 weeks after I started at my university), to getting recovered but losing all its data (including 2 months worth of games, all my fanfiction drafts, music, pictures), to overheating over numerous times (to the point where I have to rush it to the a/c), to it lasting the whole year I was doing thesis and the yearbook write-ups for my graduating batch. 4 years and 2 months – that’s how long my Mizuki (my HP Compaq B2800) has been with me.

She’s not dead yet though, mind you, though she has recently been hanging up a lot on me, creating a lot of errors and frustrating me beyond measure….she hasn’t let me down during the times that I needed her the most. She’s been with me during school presentations, PPT and the like…reliable, really. Also, whenever I was bored, she had good sounds and was able to keep up with my VisualBoy Advance, Age of Empires, Sims, Plants vs Zombies phase.

Now though, as I prepare to move into a new phase, it’s also *almost time* to say goodbye to her, and to say hello to my new baby who is still without a name. My new Pink Toshiba Portege M900.

It came newly installed with a Windows 7 Premium, and includes features like facial recognition and thumbprint recognition. I haven’t tried out the facial recognition because it doesn’t seem reliable, but the thumprint recognition works well, though I have to be careful with it especially when in China – especially during winter, as the recognition software can be damaged by static electricity. The laptop also comes with an “Eco feature” which when activated is like the power-saving option on some gadgets. Lowers brightness and the like. You can also activate a “widget” now called gadget on the desktop that shows your usage.

[Windows 7] I’ve also recently discovered it has this cool program called Bulletin Board which allows you to open up a sort of ‘bulletin board’ of reminders on your laptop. There’s a whole lot f other new features like how shaking the window you have open allows all other windows to disappear leaving your current window only, and how shaking it again brings back all the other windows. Or like how there’s this new button on the start bar, when you hover over it, you can see your desktop and when you hover away, it goes back with all the windows available. But if you click it, it instantly moves you to your desktop, so yo don’t have to minimize everything!

As I’m not a specs type of person like my younger brother, kindly refer to this site for the specs available to this model. Honestly, I’m having a little difficulty getting used to the OS as I”ve never really used Windows Vista, so some of the options and preferences available on this OS is a little strange to me. I’ve read and watch the instructional manual both the small booklet and the one available on the net, in regards to using some of the options available. It takes some time to get used to as I’ve made the error awhile ago of shutting it down while it was on sleep mode. Nyar!

Also, this model does not have backlight, so at the moment, I’m having a little difficulty typing this entry as I am still not so used to the keys, and I cannot really see the screen well as I have it tilted a little downwards so that the light shines enough for me to see the keys.

As you can see, my model is PINK. The other colors available to the model were brown (which my dad said looked so much like black) and dark red (which I thought was too strong a color for me). I’m not completely a pink person, and would if given the option pick a mint green laptop, but seeing as there was no other color which I could choose from, pink was the  best option. Plus, I think it makes me seem more girly, don’t you? Haha.

I really have no name yet to give her. Names that keep popping into my head are so normal, and I’m really trying to go for that mystical, fantasy-like name that goes well with something pink. A few hours ago, I thought of Kimberly as a name, as I was quite fond of the Pink Ranger (from Power Rangers) when I was little. A few moments ago, Aurora popped into my head as a possible name. Japanese names are a little too old-Christa for me, as I’ve always tended to name my gadgets and even pets with Japanese names.

Oh well, will see how things go. Next week, I’m claiming a pink mouse that goes with the laptop, as well as a keyboard shield (keyboard condom as my friends like to call it). I think the latter would be great for me, as I’m very OC about the cleanliness of my keyboard, and I get really frustrated when it starts to get dirty. That’s how I accidentally destroyed 3 keys on my old laptop, by trying to pry them loose so I can clean the dust-covered under part. -_-

So far, I’ve installed the necessities like Yahoo Messenger, Skype and QQ, and also Opera and Google Chrome. I’ve yet to transfer my old files – documents, videos, music, pictures and games, from my old one to this new one. I’m asking a friend of mine to help me do that, since I might blunder up moving my important stuff and well, lose those files. This laptop of mine should last me a few more years, hopefully as long as my old one or longer, since I don’t really want to buy a new one anytime soon.

Anyways, ciao for now!


2 comments on “My new pink baby!

  1. Should’ve gotten an Asus to be honest. Toshiba’s are known to be pretty bulky by design. But hey, if you got your money’s worth then it’s a good purchase.

    Unless that link really IS the specs, then it’s not really a good purchase. The processor is last generation. o_O;

    Oh, and I nominate the name Bubblegum. Because that what it reminds me of with the lid closed. >_>

    • My concern was also the service centers. And yeah, Toshiba = bulkier than my HP Compaq, but oh well. Okay, I dunno if those are the exact ones, they look almost the same…2.13Ghz, 320GB mem, 2GB ram, Windows 7 Premium, core i3 uhm…hum…yes, I’m definitely not a specs person. Wahaha.

      Either way, didn’t want to get something too expensive like with really good specs as I plan to change this laptop after a few years. Rather get an okay one that I can easily replace without concern over money. 🙂

      Hrm…bubblegum..I shall think that over. XD My siblings say Strawberry sounds like a better name. Whaha. XD

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