No, I would not like a cockroach.

While on my trip to Dumaguete last month, I was able to encounter a disturbing but funny experience while shopping for some summer clothes for our sudden trip to Siquijor. Thought to just share it, to add some light posts to my otherwise stress-filled entries.

My family decided spur-of-the-moment to go to Siquijor as a bonding for us cousins and for my aunts and uncles. Since it was a sudden trip, while accompanying my cousin on her errand, I decided to go to this certain store to buy beach shorts and maybe some nice tops. So while in the store, I was looking around for shorts to buy for the trip. The owner of the store asked me if I was shopping for leisure or for work (OMG, I look like I’m in the working class) and so I told her what it was for. She also asked me about the style of tops I prefer, so she took out a couple of blouses. Told her what style I liked and pointed to a blouse and told her that a style similar to that is what I’d like.

As I’m browsing through other parts of the store, she goes to this one row of hangers and pulls out a shirt asking if I’d like “this one”. As I turn to look at the top she has pulled out – a green top by the way, I am met by the disgusting sight of a roach, a huge one, right on the front of the blouse. Worse thing is, the store owner brings the blouse closer to me (though I’m sure that she’s unaware of the huge roach dangling on the blouse). It was probably a good thing I wasn’t standing so close to her, so the moment I noticed the roach, there was a few seconds of silence before I began pointing to the blouse and shouting, “Ipis, ipis!*” (*Roach, roach!) By this time, the roach had started making its way up the blouse, and the store owner who still hadn’t seen it, shakes it so the roach loses its grip and falls to the floor. She then steps on the roach with a resounding crunch and asks her helpers to get a tissue.

I know it’s in the province and all so I guess there’s a lot more roaches and insects as compared to the city, or well, more that are obvious at least, but it was still so disgusting to be handed a blouse with a huge roach on it.


3 comments on “No, I would not like a cockroach.

  1. Hahah this cracks me up! You were talking about a store in Dumaguete right? When we were there we had a mini stop over at Lee Plaza for some little shopping, too. Roach-free 🙂

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