On the edge of my seat

I was out-of-town during the long weekend (June 12-14) so I wasn’t able to go online much. Monday, on our way back home, as we were along the expressway, me and my friends stopped at McDonald’s to have dinner (as we had a late breakfast and no lunch) and to wait for the others who were in another car.

Fast forward to checking emails, I got an email saying that I got accepted to Beijing Hua Wen Xue Yuan, or the Beijing Language and Culture College (different from BLCU) or was it Beijing College of Culture and Language. Anyways, it’s the school my younger brother attended when he and his schoolmates went to Beijing to study for 6 weeks last year. Applied either Wednesday/Thursday/Friday and got the results Friday. I’m still waiting on the results from C University as they haven’t confirmed my status. My 3 other friends have already been accepted, so they’re just waiting for my results. They sent theirs in earlier so I’ll hopefully get mine within the next 2-3 days. The admissions office is currently on break since it’s the dragonboat festival, so by Thursday, I’m hoping to get a positive response.

C University, please don’t let me down. Been talking to my cousin a lot about the university and such, so I’m really hyped up about it. Nothing can deter this feeling of excitement. 🙂 I pray that everything does go well.


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