Cut a few days off my life

You know the feeling when you want to do something grand and you plan and plan for it, and somehow, those plans come to a short standstill. Then suddenly, you find out that those plans are set in motion and you just have to cram it into a short amount of time OR ELSE?

Before I left for Dumaguete, I had already set up a few things that would make my return easier. Applied for my transcripts and translation of diploma at my university, and asked a few professors if they’d write my recommendation letter, that sort of thing. Didn’t worry about it too much while on my vacation. During the weekend, dad tells me that I should definitely consider applying to C university, when I had already previously taken it off my list and decided on A and B university. (Names hidden for karma purposes, I am too afraid of jinxing it.) So anyway, here’s dad talking about my previous choices – A and B, and asking me to rethink it because of what his friends said…yadda yadda. Me, of course I’m listening intently to dad since he’s more aware of the situation than I am. To cut the story short, I did a bit of research and talking to my 2 friends with whom I originally planned to go to Beijing with, and as it turns out, C University is actually a good choice. And, wait, guess what, it’s affordable too, a bit more expensive than my tuition at Ateneo. Oh, here’s where it gets interesting, deadline is on June 15.

So imagine, me, weekend, and already freaking out. 10 days till deadline doesn’t give a person much time, especially when the documents needed have to be mailed abroad – to the university. So over the weekend, I filled out the application form (which includes registering for said university site) and waited for Monday. 3 working days before document can be verified, so I was pretty worked up about the situation since I wasn’t too sure how long it would take the courier to send it.

Monday. Woke up a bit late since I couldn’t sleep early. Checked C University website just in case since friend said it could be verified by Monday. Freaked out when the site said my app form was unqualified due to some errors. Tried to stay cal and remedied the situation by fixing said errors and resending the application. 5 minutes later, application form is verified. YAY! Then the problems happen. First, printer connected to the computer I’m currently using is kinda wonky. Printer won’t print since it says the inks are too low (both black and colored) though brother says he replaced the ink prior to our departure to Dumaguete. Didn’t take the risk and replaced the black ink but printer still says it’s low. At this point, I’m somewhat frustrated, but heck, I have to move to my laptop and a different printer.

I’m immensely pressed for time at this moment. Dad needs to leave for work but he can’t since he has to sign the “sponsor” part of the application form. I’m suppose to be getting ready to leave for my university to get my documents while younger brother pays his tuition. Usual bluetooth printer is more reliable, or so I thought. Amidst my rushing, bluetooth between laptop and printer is NOT WORKING. After various tries, I decide to plug in the USB cable. Okay, it works, but the darn app form is printing my document in 2 pages, which I’m kind of iffy about since the signature part got cut off to the second page.

Long story short, I decide to go with the 2 pages since PDF won’t allow me to decrease margins to allow it to fit on one page. I head for school past 2 and I got there before 3. I think Jesus began to pity my unlucky day since I got my documents really quickly. Left to head to the photocopiers and got all my necessary documents photocopied. Then I rushed back to somewhere near where I live to drop off the documents at the courier. Save for getting lost and not finding the courier, I was finally able to submit the documents and can now breathe easy.

Okay, so 1 university application down, 1-2 more to go. I hope everything turns out well, since I’m really set on this plan. O_O

I really cut a few days off of my life with the stress I endured today. And to think, I was able to cram all that in around 3-4 hours.


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