Before my not-really-a-vacation vacation

Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving Manila to head to Dumaguete, my dad’s hometown. When I was little, I’d go here every summer to spend time with my grandparents and cousins. In more recent years, there were times that I missed out on going home because of school-related issues. The estimated one hour trip will probably be my last trip for some time. If ever my plans for China push through, I don’t know how often I’ll be able to make my way home, so I should make the most of this trip. Plus, it’s my granddad’s 96th birthday in a few days, so that’s something to celebrate right? 🙂

A few days ago, I finished an 8am-2pm exam at the place where I was doing my job application. It felt good to feel the environment there, though there are a lot of things I’m now considering after having gone through that. Some good things, some uncomfortable things, just normal job jitters. After I had the exam, I went back to university to submit my application for my transcript of records and translation of diploma (FINALLY) and went to my department looking for a professor of mine. It was somewhat weird, the feeling of being in university despite already graduating. I probably felt it more then as compared to my previous post-graduation visits, since I had just come from a job application and was wearing heels and such. There weren’t that many students on campus then, since it was exam week and most were off studying somewhere, or taking exams.

Also, I have finally watched the Princess and the Frog. During the time it was airing in theatres, I was enduring that whole freaking-out-at-thesis phase so going to the movies was a no-no. It’s much nicer than I imagined, to some extent, though it’s quite different (yet oddly similar) to the older Disney classics. Didn’t expect the ending to turn out the way it did.

Okay, so it’s almost the end of May, around 2 months since graduation and yet I’m still a bum. There’s so much to prepare for after I return home since I have to finish the applications to China. Term starts in September so I have to finish everything by early June. I’m praying that everything will go smoothly.

For now, I’ll try to my enjoy my not-really-a-vacation vacation with my family. Will make the most out of being there, and I’ll hopefully get some exercise done since I’m in dire need of fresh air and space to be able to exercise. Bumming is not helping my figure at all. Hope I can blog and take LOTS OF PICTURES while I’m there.


3 comments on “Before my not-really-a-vacation vacation

  1. You don’t know me but I stumbled across your blog
    I thought the Princess and the Frog was a very cute movie. I didn’t get to see it in theaters either.
    Have fun on your not really a vacation vacation! It’s nice that you get to spend time with family. 🙂
    I’ll follow

    • Hey there! Thanks for following my blog. 😉
      Yeah, Princess and the Frog was such a nice movie The nice thing about not watching it in the theatres is that I get to stop and pause and rewind when I don’t understand parts of it.

      And yeah, spending time with family is really precious.

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