Decisions, decisions.

Despite not having any real work at all, I find no time to allow myself the chance to blog. Funny really, how most of the instances where I blog are instances when I’m busy doing something like writing or studying. Now that I’ve graduated and am unemployed, I don’t find myself blogging. How funny really.

Anyways, since my last entry, the elections have been done here and it’s been pretty peaceful considering all the hulla-buloo about the candidates and the elections and whatnot. For that job thing that I’ve been preparing for, I’ve done the initial exam and tests and interview and will, on Thursday, be taking another exam (hopefully the last). My friend had offered me a (temporary) editing job where he’s working now, but I had to decline since the deadline was for this month and I was planning on going home to the province to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday around the last week.

A lot of my friends have been asking me about my plans for China, and whether or not they’ll be cancelled, most especially my friends whom I have plans of rooming with in China. The thought of taking another course in university right after I’ve graduated is a little annoying, honestly. Homeworks, assignments, everything again?! I really want to study again, but maybe not this soon. If ever it happens, hopefully it’ll happen when I’m better at the language so I can take the course in Mandarin. By then, I’ll be a lot better at Mandarin.

Sigh. Last night, I went out and had dinner with my dad and his friends, and they were speaking in Hokkien. It would have been okay since I understand, but replying was much more difficult, so we switched to Mandarin. Realization, my understanding of Mandarin is a lot better But my replies are still more or less basic. I definitely need more practice.

Dad is really set on me being in China sometime this year, though I find that mom is the opposite, and my doing job interviews seems to encourage my staying here. I don’t know if she’s really set on me staying here and can’t imagine me being anywhere else. Well, we’ll have to see. Sometime late this week/early next week, I’ll be home in the province and I’ll have to face my relatives about my graduating and my plans for China, most especially my grandparents. Hopefully, it’ll all turn out right.

Ugh, there’s just so many things to have to deal with.

Oh, something that’s been irking me recently is the new Animax having Korean dramas. First of all, Animax is an ANIME channel, not a channel with dramas. Before, I could deal with the games and music because the music was usually anime-related, and well, for me, anime goes with gaming. Most anime fans are gamers. But dramas? Not to mention, we’re talking about KOREAN dramas. Had they been Japanese, it would have kept up with the Japanese theme…but no. To top it all off, the dramas are usually in Tagalog and with English subs. It’s annoying enough having to deal with dubs, but dubbing it in Tagalog?  Why not take out the subs if they’re bent on dubbing it? I don’t get it at all. Korean drama, in Tagalog, but with English subs. Are they trying to please everyone? 😦 They should just decide on one thing. Most of my friends have given up on Animax though, especially when they began dubbing the anime in English. Animax has really sunk.


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