Apparently, I have a life.

One more week till elections. I found my name on the “find your precinct” online thing by COMELEC (Commission on Elections) so at least I’m assured that I’m a registered voter.

In other news, though the writing work for mom has fluctuated a little, I’ve recently rediscovered my fanfiction account and am giddy about catching up on updates. Most of my fanfics haven’t been updated since 2006/2007, which is really sad since it’s a good avenue to practice ‘novel’ writing, as compared to the ‘advertising’ writing I’ve been doing for the past month/s. It’s good practice, especially when I compared works I did before and around 2006, to my edited versions in 2007/2008. I did a revamp of many of the chapters I did, especially grammar and story-telling wise. They’re a lot better now, at least, hopefully they are.

Tomorrow, I’m going to take an exam for a job, for a company that I’ve always wanted to try out for since I was little. It’s not a publishing company per se, but it has to do with writing, hopefully, or well…that’s the position I’m applying for. Hopefully it will go well. This doesn’t mean that my plans for China are going to be forgotten though, since that is still my priority and it’s the plan that I really want to see happen. But while nothing yet is concrete, this back-up plan will be my most concrete thing as of now. 😀

Check clock, 11:10pm. Got to go get what I’m wearing tomorrow, ready. Since it’s just an exam, I don’t need to wear something too interview-ish, but still, something decent. Monthly visitor will make deciding even harder.


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