Here’s to our future. Cheers!

2 weeks from now and it’ll be time for the elections here in the Philippines. I just hope to the high heavens that people will vote wisely. Whoever runs our government affects the future of us all. It’s not simply choosing whichever candidate everyone else is voting for, or going with the flow. It’s about putting your trust in a candidate. Voting for a person is like entrusting your life to him/her. It’s not about just picking someone for the heck of it, but about trusting that the person whom you are voting for, will make the necessary changes that the country needs.

Not someone who makes empty promises. Not someone who can be pushed around. Not someone who thinks being in government is merely about leading other people. Not someone who is afraid to make sacrifices that are for the good of the country.

Our government officials must be people who are willing to do the work they promise. People who are willing to serve the country, and not just specific people. People who willingly make changes without asking for/expecting monetary tokens of appreciation or having their names plastered everywhere. An official who does a good job doesn’t need to showcase his/her name for people to know that they did a good job. If a person is a good official, it should reflect on the people they are with, and the environment they are in.

Greatness is not inherited. Nor is it bought. Nor can it be won. Greatness can only be earned, not only through the great things that a person does, but also through the little everyday things that the person never fails to impart to the people around them.

Vote wisely everyone. And God bless our elections.


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