Practice = Experience

After dinner with my cousins, dad asked me to help him with something small. He asked me to help gauge my cousins’ level of English since they want to study here, and well, let’s just say that their English is as bad as my Mandarin. Haha. Or well, out of my 2 cousins, Tony (the one who’s here for the first time) can speak better English. His English is probably better than my Mandarin since he can converse well enough for me to understand him, and for him to understand me and talk to me. Ken, even if he’s been here before, doesn’t seem to speak as well as Tony. I asked him in Mandarin if he talked to my family in the province (while he was there for a month) using Hokkien, and he told me he did. So much for practicing his English here.

Oh well. In about 11 hours, I will be playing teacher to them. We’ll begin with primary English, or well, in my experience and opinion (since I’ve been reading books since I could grab hold of them) pre-primary books. Anyways, had to look for the easiest English books available at home, since my mom gave away most of the others.

Wish me luck!

Now that I think about it, since I had the plan of teaching English on the side while I studied/work in China, this is practice for the future. This will be good experience since I assume that not many people can speak English properly, so teaching from the basics is important.


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