Trading Lives

Okay, so my 2 distant – and when I mean distant, it’s the I don’t know how exactly we’re related but we are – cousins are here in the Philippines. One, Ken, was here just a few months back. Around 3 months ago if I remember correctly. He stayed in Manila for only a short while, then stayed with my relatives in the province for a month before coming back here a month after then, right before he returned to China. Now, my other cousin, Ken’s first cousin Tony, is here for the first time. They’re here to supposedly practice their English, so I’m assuming they’re not staying in Manila long and will be going to the province soon to stay with my other relatives.

It’s a bit funny though. They want to study in university here but their English is not well enough yet. Me on the other hand, I want to study in China so I can improve on my Mandarin. It’s like we’re trading places somewhat, except my dad is not keen on sending me to Xiamen which is closer and where most of my China relatives are. He wants me to go to Beijing, where I do have relatives, but where I’m not used to the weather and accents, among other things.

Oh, did I mention that both Ken and Tony (I think I’d prefer to call them by their Chinese names though) are both my age. They were both born in 1988, same as me, so I guess we’re all Year of the Dragon children. When I mentioned this to my friends on plurk, they made a joke about training them….in line with the “How to train your dragon” movie, which is out in theatres right now, and which I haven’t watched yet.

Oh before I forget, check out the new category I put in. This post doesn’t fall under “University Life” anymore. It’s now under “The Unemployed Life”. Sounds a lot better with the article ‘the’ don’t you think so? Haha. Oh well. Part of me can’t believe I’m a college grad, but there you have it. It’s a fact. Other than that, I’ve recently been talking to a few friends about my China thing. Studying AGAIN. It’s made me consider if I’m willing to study all over again. Homework, and oh, THESIS (if ever). Am I willing to torture myself all over again for the sake of getting better at Mandarin? If only I can find a job in China that would accept me, then I’d be able to learn the language without going through the stress of school again.

Oh, haha, just pondering some new thoughts. Which reminds me that I should put up a new header among other things. Dad’s gotten me (and my siblings, but mostly me) a new camera. It’s a Canon Ixus130 with 14.1 friggin megapixel capacity. Super level up from my old camera. It’s got a lot of nice functions so I think I’ll try it out sometime. 🙂


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