Not a graduation blog entry

I know I should be posting my graduation blog entry, but I still haven’t thought about what to write. It has to be something inspiring, or at least inspired. Something that I can look back on in a couple of years and feel nostalgic about.

In other news, today’s the last day of March and April will bring about new beginnings. I’m sure. Quick story on how I spent March 29….I was at the Celadon Ball, our annual celebration for my org plus an inauguration of the new officers for the coming year. A friend asked me to model since he was looking for models who were seniors or part of the new executive board, and well fit the clothes we were modeling. Luckily I fit into the size 27 Levi’s jeans which I was afraid I wouldn’t fit into though I have a 26.5 waistline since I have big hips. Haha. Shhh. 😛 It was lots of fun though I wish I was just a bit taller. Oh, and my friend accidentally spilled her iced tea on my red dress. Luckily I had a spare top and skirt which I changed into. After the party, I had to rush to another place because my friend was leaving for the US (well, as of this entry, he’s probably there already – I MISS YOU LESTER T_T) and didn’t know when he would come back. Despedida dinner, or well, dessert.

Yesterday, I joined my younger brother and mom and went to my university. My brother was confirming his slot for my university. Yay Blue Eagles. I didn’t force him to go into my university and let him choose on his own (though his other choice was my school’s rival university). I’m happy that he decided to go to my university all on his own. Of course, had he not chosen my university and chosen the other one, I would have been disappointed but not angry. But well, since that didn’t happen, I can at least smile. He’s the third among us siblings to go to the Ateneo. My youngest brother will be off to university in 2 years so we’ll cross the river when we get there. As for now, I’m just a very proud older sister. I wish my brother the best of luck in college. 🙂

Here’s to both our graduations, and us taking a new road in our lives. To the new journey ahead. And yes, I don’t want to be a bum.

Random Graduation picture of me. Teaser for the Graduation blog post that will be..

P.S. That’s not my real diploma. We were given these pieces of rolled up blank pieces of paper when we got up to the stage. We were suppose to throw it after we sang the school song, and well I threw mine but my mom wanted to take a picture of me holding one so I had to scout around for a good one that hadn’t been trampled on yet. 😀


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