Thoughts right before graduation

A lot of things happened this week. In the past couple of days since my last blog post, I’ve attended the Blue Roast 2010 (the graduating party/celebration for the seniors), did really quick shoe shopping so I could rush to my brother’s high school graduation, attended the baccalaureate mass for our batch, and tomorrow, I’ll be attending my own graduation.

When I think about graduating, I can’t help but think about my own high school graduation 4 years ago. Saying goodbye to the friends and schoolmates who were my world during those 13 years in ICA, that was one of the things that scared me the most then. And of course, facing the new world that was college, I never expected that it would pass me by so quickly. It flew by so fast, though admittedly there were days that I felt like those troublesome days would NEVER end. But they’ve ended, and I can only look back on those times. In these past few days, it seems my college life has flashed before me. My first day at Ateneo’s Orientation Seminar, my classes, the various events and situations that I’ve encountered…it is almost at its end.

Part of me is thinking that I could have done better these past few months. Better decisions I could have made, things I could have done or not done, people I should have or shouldn’t have met, a lot of things are coming at me now. I’ve also been thinking about the schools/courses/classes that I could have taken rather than this or that. Haha, I guess it just strikes people when it’s almost all over.

In my 4 years at the Ateneo, I can say it hasn’t always been easy. There were times that I felt I could have been better in a less challenging environment. But after it all, I am just so happy that I made it through those 4 years. I’ve met so many memorable people, taken up so many interesting and challenging classes, undergone so many tumultuous and frustrating experiences, but after all of this…I can heave a sigh of relief. It hasn’t always been easy though it could have been easier somewhere else, but I’ve survived.

That’s it. Life seems challenging so many times, but God doesn’t give us challenges that he knows we can’t handle. Even when we feel that we cannot get through those circumstances, we find ourselves getting through it in the end. One phase of my life ends, and another begins. The doubt and regret, there is nothing more I can change…

If my plans for China do come true, I hope I can face it better than i did in college.

Okay, haha, enough blogging….time to finish all preparations for tomorrow. The rehearsal starts at 830 and we hopefully finish by 12noon. No more going home to prepare for most of us since we’re expecting traffic and the call time for the graduation ceremony is at 3pm. Yup, doing my make-up on my own. Went to the salon awhile ago to have my nails done, and to have my hair flattened so my roots (which are going curly again) don’t look weird during the graduation tomorrow.

Also, congratulations to my batchmates who graduated awhile ago. Those from the School of Management and the School of Science and Engineering who graduated awhile ago, congratulations. Tomorrow, us – the School of Social Sciences and the School of Humanities, graduates. The Ateneo Sesqui batch, Batch 2010…it’s come to this.

This is where we go down from the hill, fellow Ateneans.

Anyways, am off. Goodnight world.. Graduation awaits. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.


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