Life of the almost jobless

I thought that being finished with classes meant I could blog more, but I guess not. In some way, it probably shows that I blog usually for the sake of stress release. Interesting, very interesting.

Either way, I’ve not been as “free” as most people since classes ended for seniors. Last week, my grandaunt passed away at the age of 99, so it was a week full of wakes for me. It was probably a good thing that I didn’t go out-of-town or out-of-the-country with friends because I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my responsibility with my family members. Last week, though it was a sad event, was also bonding time with me and my cousins, so it turned out okay.

I also had to take care of my second interview for a job that I was applying for (teaching position) so it was somewhat hectic. Earlier this week, I had just finished doing the teaching demo, which was nerve-wrecking. I hope I did well teaching the faculty-pretending-to-be-students students because I was really out of sorts at times when I was directing the lesson. It was also fun in some way though, so I didn’t mind. My “students” were very interesting and gave good points towards the lesson. It was a great experience.

My dreams/prospects of going to China have been a little “down” lately. There are plans and ideas going about, but they aren’t as I guess you could say ‘aggressive’ as I previously described them to be. Part of me says, if it happens, it happens. No need to rush things, though I’m a little iffy about not working for long periods of time. I bum a little at home nowadays, or well, when I don’t have anything to do at least. Planning things to do is something I’m gunning for because I don’t want to turn into someone who gets chubbier after college. OH NO. BIG N-O. Hahaha. I’ve got to do something to keep myself from just staying home, eating, then sleeping.

Next week will be a pretty busy week since there’ll be preparations for graduation then. Distribution of togas for the mass and ceremony itself, the invitations to parents, the yearbook distribution (which I’m happy is over since it was a grueling 2 semesters of work for around 2000 students), and the seniors party. To top it all off, the week next week ends with my graduation on Saturday. My brother is graduating on Thursday (from HS) so we have a double celebration ahead.

How time flies by~


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