More or less heaving a sigh of relief

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief more or less. With February done and March looming ahead, I don’t know if it would be alright to say that everything’s fine. The usual worries for a graduating student plague me. Things like have I completed all my requirements for graduation, will I be able to find a job and start earning money, why haven’t the companies I applied to gotten back to me, yadda yadda. I guess, things like this are normal for any student who worries about the future.

Graduation for my college is on the 27th, luckily it’s the day after my younger brother’s high school graduation. Good thing we aren’t graduating on the same day (again), which is what happened before and is happening to a few friends of mine who have siblings who are graduating from elementary/high school as well. So far, I’ve almost completed the clearance requirements for graduation (if I want to join the ceremonies), though there’s one more I need which I can’t have signed since I’m part of the yearbook committee and unless we have the yearbooks released, we can’t complete the necessary requirements. Oh well, talked to the necessary people and they said that I’ll be walking despite that so it should be fine as long as everything goes well.

So far, for the past 3 days that I’ve been “free”, I’ve gone around school finishing requirements, I had lunch with my orgmates, also had lunch with blockmates from my European Studies course (which was the course I was in before I shifted to my present course) and our sort of homeroom professor from our freshman year, and I’ve done some cleaning. Last night, I set aside time to rummage through my readings (photocopies of reading materials for class) for the past year, which amounted to around 17lbs. Actually, that pile was only of readings which I can re-use as scratch paper (for my dad) and which only has text on one side of the sheet. There was a smaller pile on the side for those that had two-sided text, which my mom recommended I use for our dog instead.

Presently, am trying to do some writing/blogging work to catch up on the months that I’ve been “off”. Also been trying to offer some help to my younger siblings too who might need me to help them with some school work. Plans for China seem a little vague at the moment. So much for the hype I setting myself up for a few months back.

Oh well, when things are meant to be, they’ll eventually come. Now, I’ll just breathe a sigh of relief and do what I can do now.

Hm, just realized, might have to say good-bye to my “University Life” category soon. Or well, at least, it’ll be less updated. Unless I decide to study again somewhere. 🙂


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