Church: In body but not in spirit

This will be just a short post.

As I mentioned before, usually during Saturdays, I spend my time at Church singing for our High School organization’s choir. Because we are at the choir loft, we can usually spot a lot of people from above. We notice things like the color that majority of the people are wearing, we notice quickly if there are only a few people in Church or not, things like that.

Awhile ago, I was the first to notice that there was a Church goer who had brought his PSP along to mass. The worst part, he was playing it for the most part of the mass. I don’t mean to judge people on how they act wherever they go, but I can’t help but feel irked that someone would do something like that and play the PSP while at Church. I could understand if the person was a child, yes, children need distractions especially when parents decide to bring them to Church. But teenagers to young adults? If people like those end up not listening to mass and simply play on their games while at Church, why bother coming at all.

Cellphones versus PSP. I’d say cellphones are the lesser evil of the two (unless the cellphone goes off – which is also irritating) since most of the time, they take only a small amount of concentration from the Church goer, as compared to someone who plays their games – rpg, action, adventure, combat, and the like- while at mass.

It’s annoying really. And as I continued to sing there, from my vantage point, I continued to see this guy on his psp.

No offense. It may not disturb anyone, especially if you turn off the volume and such, but it’s really rude to the priests and other Church goers who spot someone like that. If someone doesn’t want to attend mass, or will end up spending that one hour a week playing on their psp and such, please don’t bother going to mass at all. -_-

One of the worst things really is being there in body, but not in spirit.


6 comments on “Church: In body but not in spirit

  1. heh. just shows how big a part religion plays on people nowadays.

    personally i’m not one would call religious or even faithful; but i believe that if you’re going to do something you shouldn’t do it half-heartedly. otherwise just don’t do it. and that applies to a lot of things. =|

    • Yeah, religion is something so many people consider important, but as to action…I think many people don’t really follow through. Religious in name, but not in action.

      True. If you do something, you should do it whole heartedly. I really hate doing something I don’t really want to do, unless it’s really something unavoidable. Even then, I want to try my hardest.

  2. Drawing from personal experience, one must indeed consider that even some of us above the age 20 still live with our parents – and should they happen to be devout catholics and regular church-pilgrims, we as their children are forced to go along with the ride, even if we don’t really have the personal conviction to go ourselves.

    So perhaps what is to be blamed here is not the inability to pay attention in mass, but the inability to hide his conspicuity.

    • Even if that’s the case, he should at least be able to spend an hour being patient with the mass. Both parents and children are wrong. The parents shouldn’t force their kids to go to Church, and if they do, the kids should know better than to be rude to the priest and other church goers. It’s not just about saying, “well I can’t help it since my parents force me to”. It’s also about respect. Even if a person can’t avoid not going to church, person should have the decency to not be rude to the priest and other church goers.

  3. I think he was definitely wrong to play his PSP during the service, but I’d have to say that if you were seriously in an attitude of worship, you wouldn’t have allowed seeing him to distract you, much less irritate you. Well, that’s what I think anyway. 🙂

    • True, true. I shouldn’t have let it distract me. But from my vantage point, when you see people who are playing on the PSP or doing other things, one cannot help but feel annoyed. I agree though, I shouldn’t let it bother me.

      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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