Official Statement on the released soft copies of the graduation pictures

Dear Graduating Seniors,–

Please note that the grad pics which Aegis released through the Ateneo Placement Office (APO) is for RESUME PURPOSES only. Aegis has a contract with the official photographer / studio which stipulates that your photos can only become your personal property after the release of the official grad prints in February. The understanding is that soft copies of your grad pics may only be obtained through scanning and not through the actual digital files sourced by the photographer / studio. However, because we are to publish a Directory of Resumes (DOR) in which your grad photos are put, we had requested Aegis for the soft / digital copies of your pictures from the photographer / studio. To this arrangement, Aegis willingly obliged and negotiated with the photographer / studio. Such an agreement / deal was made around the last quarter of 2009 as we had been preparing to edit and actually publish your DOR—months ahead of your March graduation—as always, to help you in transitioning to the world of work after Ateneo.

After such an arrangement was made, students had been going to our office to ask for digital copies of their grad pics. We had turned down all such requests because, as in previous years, our request for the digital copies had only been pertinent to our DOR. However, Aegis, through its Editor-in-Chief, gave us permission to release digital copies of your photos because it understands that you need to put formal photos on your resumes.

In view of all the help that Aegis has been giving in relation to the production / publication of your Batch’s DOR and your job-hunting during the on-going Job / Practicum Fair, you must realize that we really have so much to thank Aegis for.

Hence, it is but proper that we all likewise subscribe to the request of Aegis to put down all your grad pics on Facebook (and other social networking sites)—for now at least. As soon as you get your official photo prints in February (which is very soon, by the way), you can, by all means, do whatever you want with your photos. For now, however, you will have to wait. And we trust that you will do so because not only do we want to protect the integrity of Aegis, but we also want to continue to carry on the good name of being “Atenean.” We are confident that you are one with us in seeking to protecting the Ateneo “family” name and continuing the tradition of excellence and integrity for which we are best known. Let us, therefore, practice restraint in brandishing our grad pics online where its existence is public and virtually limitless. While these are, in fact, your own faces on the photos, these are not yet your property… for now.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

The LORD GOD bless you all, indeed, and enlarge your territory! And may HIS hand always be upon you that you may not experience harm.

All the best,–

Ms. Florence T. Ladion
DOR Publication Career Counselor-in-Charge


Mrs. Chit J. Concepcion
Placement Director


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